Dog Illness Symptoms

For quick reference purpose, I have compiled a list of common illness symptoms in dogs together with some possible causes. Please click on the links for additional information and natural remedies regarding various specific dog illnesses.

As you can see, different health problems can cause similar symptoms in dogs, so it is important that if such symptoms persist, a proper diagnosis by a veterinarian is essential before considering any type of treatment.

This list is by no means complete - I am planning to continue to add new information and pages to it, so please bookmark this page and re-visit often!

An Index of Illness Symptoms in Dogs:

Dog Illness Symptoms Possible Causes or Illnesses
Aggression cancer, hyperactivity, pain (from injuries, arthritis), rabies
Anus - Redness anal gland abscess, impacted anal glands
Appetite Gain diabetes, Cushing's disease
Appetite Loss Addison's disease, asthma, dog flu, kennel cough, constipation, dental or gum diseases, diet change, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, Lyme disease, mange, pancreatitis, urinary tract infections, worm infestations
Back Pain injuries, urinary tract infections
Bad breath dental/gum diseases, halitosis, kidney disease, liver disease, poor digestion, stomach/intestinal problems, urinary tract infections
Behavior Changes arthritis, liver disease, mange, worm infestations
Bloating diarrhea, Gastric-Dilatation-Volvulus, worm infestations
Bloody Stool constipation, diarrhea, intestinal blockage, stomach ulcers, worm infestations
Bloody Urine bladder stones, kidney disease, urinary tract infections
Breathing Difficulties allergies, asthma, heartworms, parvovirus, pneumonia, poisoning
Constipation anal gland problems, chronic constipation, diet change, intestinal blockage, lack of exercise, liver disease, prostate disease, stress, worm infestations
Convulsions poisoning, seizures
Coughing allergies, asthma, cancer, distemper, dog flu, heart disease, hepatitis, kennel cough, parvovirus, pneumonia
Dehydration Addison's disease, diarrhea, fever, heatstroke, leptospirosis, acute kidney failure, parvovirus, vomiting
Depression boredom, dog flu, leptospirosis, liver disease, parvovirus, stress
Addison's disease, allergies, distemper, leptospirosis, liver disease, parvovirus, poisoning, worm infestations
Drinking-Excessive Cushing's disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease
Drooling-Excessive bloat, epilesy, liver disease, peridontal diseases, pain, poisoning, rabies
Ears-Itching allergies, ear infections, ear mites
Eyes-Redness allergies, conjunctivitis, kennel cough, distemper
Fainting heart disease, seizures
Falling arthritis, hip dysplasia, seizures
Fever diabetes, dog flu, kennel cough, distemper, food poisoning, leptospirosis, Lyme disease, mange, parvovirus, urinary tract infections
Hair Loss allergies, Cushing's disease, eczema, fleas, hot spots, hypothyroidism, mange
Hair-Dryness, dandruff hypothyroidism, seborrhea, skin allergies
Head Shaking ear infections, ear mites
Inflammed Joints arthritis, hip dysplasia, Lyme disease
Itching (See also: Itch Relief) allergies, cancer, fleas, hot spots, immune system disorders, mange, seborrhea, stress, ticks
Lameness arthritis, hip dysplasia, injuries, tumors
Lethargy a large variety of causes, including Addison's disease, arthritis, kennel cough, cancer, Cushing's disease, hypothyroidism, heart disease, leptospirosis, urinary tract infections, etc.
Nasal Discharge allergies, dog flu, kennel cough, distemper
Odor-Breath see Bad Breath above
Odor-Ear ear infections
Odor-Rear End impacted anal glands, constipation
Odor-Skin eczema, seborrhea, skin allergies
Pale Gums/Tongue anemia, shock
Pain lots of causes, e.g. dog arthritis, back problems, cancer, glaucoma, hip dysplasia, urinary tract infections
Panting-Excessive Cushing's disease, dehydration, heatstroke, heartworm infestation of the heart and lungs, respiratory infection
Pot Belly Cushing's disease, obesity, worm infestations
Retching bloat
Scratching-Excessive allergies, fleas, hot spots, mange, ticks
Sneezing allergies, asthma, dog flu, tooth abscesses, tumors, upper respiratory tract infections
Squinting eye infections
Stiffness arthritis, cancer, hip dysplasia, injuries
Urinary Incontinence / Excessive Urine arthritis, bladder stones, bladder tumor, Cushing's disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, kidney disease, liver disease, seizures, urinary tract infections
Vomiting (See also: Vomiting remedies) Addison's disease, allergies, ear infections (serious cases), diabetes, distemper, food or toxic poisoning, kidney disease, leptospirosis, over-eating, parvovirus, worm infestations
Watery Eyes allergies, in-grown eyelash, eye infections
Weight Gain hypothyroidism
Weight Loss asthma, cancer, Cushing's disease, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, worm infestations
Wheezing allergies, asthma, heartworms, kennel cough

Dog Illness Symptoms

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