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Not if we, as dog parents, are proactive and willing to act as our dogs' best health advocate!

With our dogs' best interests in mind, I have created this website, Natural Dog Health Remedies, to help dog parents like you, who, in addition to conventional veterinary healthcare and treatment, also want to use natural remedies and holistic healthcare as complementary options to give their dogs the best of both worlds, so that they can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

This site has A LOT of detailed, up-to-date, and well-researched information, from numerous natural remedies for treating common dog illnesses, natural dog foods and supplements, to holistic dog care, and more. Therefore, I encourage you to follow Fido's motto:

"Dig deep and hard and devour the reward!"

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Ultimately, it is my wish that this site will become a place where dog lovers can "hang out", share our experiences and knowledge, our joy, excitement, happy and sad memories ... all the precious and wonderful feelings of loving our dogs and being loved back.

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