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Safe Aromatherapy Recipes for Dogs

  • Thinking of using essential oils with your dog but are unsure which oils are safe?
  • Want to make some essential oil blends for your dog but don't have any recipes?
  • Own a puppy and don't know if/when it is okay to use essential oils with your pup?
  • Wondering exactly how to use hydrosols with your dog?

As responsible dog parents, it's imperative that we educate ourselves first before using something as potent as essential oils with our dogs. There is a lot of information on the use of essential oils on the Internet, some of which is unfortunately not very accurate or reliable. As a certified clinical aromatherapist and a dog lover, I feel obligated to write an eBook with accurate information for dog parents.


Aromatherapy for Dogs: Using Essential Oils Safely with Dogs

Aromatherapy Recipes for Dogs

This eBook is jam-packed with important and useful information and is divided into five parts.

Part I provides detailed information about using essential oils safely with dogs. It includes topics such as:

  • General Safety Precautions - Why 100% pure essential oils must be used; how to store and dilute essential oils; what to do if your dog reacts adversely to essential oils, and more.
  • Specific Precautions - Oils to avoid for all dogs; oils to be used with caution; phototoxicity; dogs with special needs, etc.
  • Methods of Application - Safe and effective ways to use essential oils on and around dogs.

Part II introduces you to:

  • 25 Safe Essential Oils for use with dogs, their therapeutic properties, and any safety precautions that you should be aware of.
  • 10 Hydrosols and their therapeutic properties and suggested uses with dogs.
  • Common Carrier Oils and other media for diluting essential oils.

Part III includes:

  • Basic Blending Guidelines that teach you how much EO to use for diffusion, and to make compresses, oil blends, mist sprays, foot soak, etc.
  • Over 60 Aromatherapy Recipes for various canine health and behavioral issues, first aid, grooming, and green cleaning.

Part IV is a "free add-on" for those of you who also have cats - it's a 10-page Booklet on Aromatherapy for Cats, and includes:

  • Essential Oils and Cats - why it is not recommended to use essential oils with cats.
  • Essential Oils Toxic to Cats - a list of common essential oils that are toxic to cats.
  • Hydrosols Recipes for the wellbeing of cats.

Part V gives you a list of references and resources.

Comprehensive? You bet - the eBook has 86 solid pages, packed with information for you to enjoy, digest, and put to use!

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Aromatherapy Recipes for Dogs


Aromatherapy for Dogs eBook
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