Westie Hamish with Adenocarcinoma

Westie Hamish with Adenocarcinoma

by Deb

My Westie is 16 years old and was diagnosed with probable adenocarcinoma four days ago. He has had problems with his nose for some time and at first the vet thought it may have been a tooth abscess.

A large swelling developed on his nose and on examination he has a distended shifted palette, blocked tear duct and as said swelling on top of the nose.

As he is so old we have decided to keep him comfortable only and commenced him on prednisolone, codeine and bruprenex.

He had the steroids for two days and I had to stop them as he was so distraught on them but have continued with the opiates. He has deteriorated very quickly with a noticeable twitch and noisy breathing.

We have no children and he has been my boy since he was 8 weeks old. I am beyond devastated.

Does anybody else have a similar story or advice? I know the time is coming but how long should we wait?

Any advice for his comfort would be appreciated.

(Submitted Tuesday, July 09, 2013)

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Jul 10, 2013
by: Elaine

Hi Deb,

So so sorry to hear of your situation.

I have faced the big c several times. Last year my greyhound Spike had Thyroid adenocarcinoma and was treated at specialist centre in Derby. He was given a good median survival time.

Sadly unrelated to that, he developed heart issue which did not affect him too much, also spinal issues. Sadly my sweet boy sudden became paralysed and was in pain on July 7th so I let him cross the bridge.

Look carefully for signs - the dog will let you know - look for quality of life, talk openly and honestly with your vet. Believe me when I say you will know, it's a mother's or father's instinct.

There is a very old saying among a group of my grey friends "a day too soon is better than a day too late". That said I do wish and pray that you have more happy days ahead.

Hugs and prayers to you.


Jul 10, 2013
So so sad
by: Tina

Hi Deb,

I know just what you are going through, (read my post Our little angel Flynn).

Though his was bladder cancer and held on for two and a half years, the result was the same.

You will know when that awful time comes - every situation is different. In the meantime just give him plenty of love, which I am sure you do.

I still feel the heartbreak some 10 months later, but when you care for them, it comes with the territory I'm afraid.

All my sympathy goes out to you, be strong and give him a cuddle from me.

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