Vet thinks Chiquita has Liver Cancer

Vet thinks Chiquita has Liver Cancer

by Erna Ruben
(Grants Pass. Or.)

Those soulful eyes

Those soulful eyes

On May 18, 2011, my little dog Chiquita, a longhaired chihuahua in her 11th year, had been outside for a few minutes as is her habit after eating her dinner.

Shortly after she came in, she sort of collapsed. Her pupils were dilated and her gums a whitish-grey. I knew something was very serious and suspected poisoning, although it was doubtful she had gotten a hold of something.

Blood tests and X-rays showed she had an enlarged spleen. But blood test did not reveal too much - yet. There was a little blood in the urine, but nothing was really standing out. I just had to watch it.

This week-end of May 22, Chiquita had diahrrea that had the substance and color of mustard. She has been a little lethargic, sometimes a dull look in her eyes.

I took her back to the vet who again did X-rays and blood tests. She told me that during the last four weeks test results were showing her liver was not functioning very well and things had gotten worse. She thought most likely it is a cancer that may have spread through her whole system. I went home with something to control her diahrrea and something to boost her immune system.
I am doing some research on how to feed her and what supplements I can use to help her with this disease.

She is not keeping her food in her stomach right now, and that makes it even harder to give her what she needs.

I am willing to try anything, because if I lost my little Chiquita, I would be devastated. Missing her would be so painful.

But I have to be realistic and realize that despite my efforts, I may not be able to save her life.

This little dog has been such a perfect match for me. She is a quiet and laid back little dog. She just always wanted to be near me.

I feel so sad knowing what she is going to have to go through.

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Jul 23, 2012
elevated liver enzymes and post prandial bile salts..ruling out cancer
by: Joan

Hi Erna, My chihuahua has just been diagnosed with liver disease and I have the ultrasound appointment in two days. I only realized something was wrong when I noticed her increased water intake. She is eleven, and I feel about her as you do about Chiquita. I am so worried about her!

Jun 05, 2011
by: Erna

The improvement did not last very long. My poor little Chiquita soon showed less interest in her food, she was sleeping all the time. She just had that look in her eyes that she felt very ill.

Then I noticed that she was in pain, too. At one time as I had gently picked her up to bring her next to me on the sofa, she remained exactly where I put her, head bent, nose pressed in cushion, eyes closed. Like she was going through a wave of pain.

I did not want to let her suffer more than she already had and made the call to my vet.

She had advanced cancer. She was not going to get better, and I only would prolong her suffering.
I had to keep this in mind constantly as guilt will always creep up on you: your pet trusts you for their safety - now you have betrayed that.
I had given myself all kinds of reasons to keep her alive, yet deep down I knew the time had come.

As a former vet assistant, I have assisted in many euthanasias, including 5 of my own pets. It is always difficult and does not get easier.
But I am at peace that she no longer is hurting. But I miss her a lot.

May 28, 2011
Budwig Diet for Chiquita
by: Hazel, Site Editor

Hi, Erna,

Sorry about your Chiquita.

Please do try the Budwig diet as suggested by Kris and Linda. Quite a few dog parents on this forum have reported good results.

Please visit this page Dog Cancer Diet - I have included a video showing people how to blend the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil to make the Budwig diet. Hope you will find it useful.

Good luck and keep us informed of Chiquita's condition.

May 27, 2011
update on Chiquita
by: erna

Since Chiquita was diagnosed I have been feeding her a raw diet using the guidelines of this website. I cook up some rice with grated carrot, garlic and turmeric. (recent studies have proven that turmeric destroys cancer cells as they are forming, I heard from a dr.) When it cools I mix in the omega-3 fish oil. She likes the food. In the morning she gets a raw organic egg, or cottage cheese.

I am going to add the flaxseed oil with the cottage cheese.

These last few days her new diet stopped the diahrrea and has given her more energy. The dull look in her eyes is gone. I want her to feel her best for as long as she lives.

Thanks for your words of sympathy. It feels good you're not alone.

May 27, 2011
So sorry to hear about your little girl
by: Linda

I know what you're going through, believe me. My collie has prostate cancer and I have just contacted a holistic vet to get more information. Robbie is on piroxicam which is a mild chemo, anti-inflammatory, and pain killer for dogs. He is doing well on it but I would like to try some holistic treatment along with it. It can't hurt that's for sure. Robbie will turn 6 on Sunday. I hope something works for Chiquita. I was wondering if you thought about the Budwig Protocol. I'm going to get Essiac tea and try the Budwig Protocol. There are alot of people out there that swear by that. Good luck!

May 26, 2011
A suggestion for Chiquita
by: Kris Welchman

I am so saddened to read your post. My dog Gunner had the same form of cancer and it was devastating to see him go through it. At that time I was not aware of a treatment that has now proven to be highly effective...The Budwig protocol in combination with Essiac tea.

Last August my Chihuahua-Boston Terrier mix, Harold, was diagnosed with Oral Cancer and Lymphoma and was estimated to only live a few more months even with chemotherapy. I opted out of the chemo and started him on the Budwig Protocol immediately. The tumors became larger but eventually disappeared completely and today he is still going strong, seemingly better than he has been in the past year.

It's definitely worth a shot but do your research diligently to ensure the proper dosages and regimen.

I wish you the best of luck and send my prayers to you and Chiquita.

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