My Greyhound Died of Liver Cancer

My Greyhound Died of Liver Cancer

by Elaine

Hi, just wanted to say one of my beautiful greyhounds had to be put to sleep because of liver cancer.

Sonny was 8 years old and one of three dogs that I rescued.

He had dilated cardiomyopathy and was doing well on meds for over a year.

I came home after a couple of hours in town to find him collapsed - I never gave cancer a thought. He was immediately rushed to vets where they bravely fought for him, managed to stop the bleeding but his condition was not operable. And like so many others before me, I had to make that painful decision.

But one thing I knew - I had a great vet and if there was a chance to save him he would have, so I respected his judgement and because I loved Sonny so and did not want him to suffer, I held him while he gently crossed over to the bridge.

My heart aches and I miss him so. He was there for me, hugs and all, on Mother's Day this year, as I had only just lost my mother a few months earlier. Little did I know the next day he would be in such a bad way, so the kindness he showed me I would never forget; and it was out of love and respect for him not to suffer that helped me make the decision to stop his suffering.

To all those out there with dogs that have cancer, my heart goes out to you.

RIP Sonny 2003-2011.

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Dec 07, 2011
Reply for the lady with Jack
by: davidson

Hi thank you for reading my story on Sonny.

I am so sorry to hear your Italian greyhound has also been diagnosed with cancer. Try as best to enjoy all the time you have left together. Take any pictures you want to take of dear Jack.

I do feel for you. I hope you get this message and give Jack lots of gentle pats and a kiss from me.

God bless Hazy and Sonny at the bridge.

Dec 05, 2011


I also have an Italian greyhound, 11 years old, just diagnosed with liver cancer. His name is Jack.

The only sign he has is being very clingy which is out of character for him. He has had seizures since 3 months old, and has taken medicine for this all his life but has never been sick until now.

My heart is broken. The vet said there is nothing we can do. He has 6 tumors but no pain. His heart is slightly enlarged and so is his liver. They say it is first stage liver cancer.

After thousands of dollars spent, all I can do is love him and watch very closely for any signs of pain. I will not let him suffer. He seems more at ease since the testing. I guess he knows I know now and trusts me to take care of him.

I will miss him so. He is the sweetest dog in the world - so kind and loyal and loving.

Thank you for listening. It hurts so much.

May 12, 2011
Very Sad...
by: chandrika

Very sad to know about your Sonny. But you did your best to help him cope with his disease. Only dog lovers like us understand this traumatic experience of losing our best friend...

May 12, 2011
by: Hazel, Site Editor

Hi, Elaine,

I am so sorry about your Sonny. However, you did the right thing for your dog - you let him go out of love and kindness.

A while ago, I got this - A View from the Rainbow Bridge from a reader. I hope it will bring you comfort.

Take care.

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