Making Topical Herbal Remedies

Topical Herbal Remedies

As the skin is the largest body organ, topical remedies made from herbs can be used effectively to cure dog skin irritations.

Topical herbal remedies can be in the form of oil infusions, poultices, ointments, salves, and soaps.

These topical remedies can be used to treat minor cuts, itch, etc. They are easy to make. This page will show you how.

How to Make Herbal Oil Infusions

Items Needed

  • Dried herbs in cut form
  • Olive oil (or other carrier oils such as jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, etc.)
  • Wide-mouthed glass jars with lids
  • Unbleached cheesecloth


  • Add the amount of herb you desire into the glass jar.
  • Add the oil until the herbs are entirely covered.
  • Seal the jar tightly.
  • Store the jar in a warm area for 4 weeks.
  • Strain the mixture through through a cheesecloth and store the oil in a container jar.
  • Don't forget to label the infusion with the date, and the herb used!
  • Keep it in refrigerator (the oil infusion will last for up to one year).

How to Make Herbal Ointments or Salves

Items Needed

  • 8 oz. oil infusion of choice, e.g. calendula
  • 1 oz. beeswax (for salves) or cocoa butter (for ointments)
  • salve tin or shallow glass jar


  • Gently heat the oil infusion until it is just warm.
  • Add beeswax or cocoa butter and stir until it is melted and blended completely with the liquid.
  • Pour mixture into the salve tin or glass jar and let it cool.
  • If it is too thin when cooled, gently reheat it and add a bit more beeswax or cocoa butter.
  • If it is too thick when cooled, gently reheat it and add a bit more oil infusion.

How to Make Herbal Poultices

Items Needed

  • Dried herb
  • water or vegetable oil


  • Mash the herb with water or vegetable oil until it becomes a wet paste.
  • Apply directly to the dog's skin as is.
  • Alternatively, wrap the poultice in a piece of clean cloth to make a compress and wrap the compress onto the affected area.

How to Make a Herbal Spritz

Items Needed

  • dried herb
  • spray bottle


  • Make the herb into an herbal tea.
  • Let cool.
  • Pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Spray it onto the affected area directly.

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