The Most Devasting News Ever

The Most Devasting News Ever

by Nellie
(Renton, WA )

I have had my dog Jazmyin for almost 13 years and she is the most important factor in my life. She has been through everything with me and she is my whole world!

This past March her legs and feet started to get swollen and eventually she couldn't walk or hold herself to pottie.

I took her to 3 different vets before I was told what was really wrong with her and it was a lung tumor. I went through the heartache and pain (and expenses) but went ahead with a lung-lobectomy surgery to have the tumor removed. Once this was done, she was back to her old self and I was happier than ever!

Then less than 2 months later, she started to limp and I figured that maybe our progression to longer walks for recovery were too much, too fast.

I took her to the vet and they did more x-rays. Then I was told the worst news I could hear in my life that she had bone cancer. My options for amputation, chemo, radiation were not too good since she just went through major surgery and was still recovering from the side effects of that.

Now I am forced to come to the realization that I need to do what I can to help her feel comfortable and help to fight for her last few months she has left with me. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with and it is killing me inside to think one day I'll have to do the unthinkable.

I have a friend who told me that hemp oil, cancer diet, herbs, etc. would be the way to go for these last few months and I am now researching this which led me here.

Anything anyone can help me with, suggestions, advice is greatly appreciated.

(Submitted Wednesday, June 05, 2013)

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Jun 05, 2013
Cancer diet and herbs
by: Hazel, Site Editor

Hi, Nellie,

So sorry to hear about your Jazmyin.

The most important thing right now is to do whatever you can to maintain her quality of life. Make sure that she eats and drinks. A cancer diet is important (good quality protein, moderately high fat, no carb).

Some visitors to this forum have written about having good results feeding their dogs the Budwig diet (cottage cheese and flaxseed) (see this page.)

Some visitors also reported on the effectiveness of ESSIAC tea (see this page. You can also find information on other herbs that are anti-cancerous on the page.

You may also want to try to add other foods and herbs that are anti-cancerous to your dog's food, such as mushrooms, turmeric, garlic, etc.

Last but not least, stay positive and give Jazmyin lots of love! Don't forget you are not alone - you can always come here for support and advice :) Good luck!

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