Paddy My Beautiful Golden Retriever has Cancer

Paddy My Beautiful Golden Retriever has Cancer

by Linda
(Hatboro PA USA)

Paddy loves the snow

Paddy loves the snow

Requesting prayers for my beautiful Golden Retriever. His name is Paddy, he lives in Hatboro PA with his Mommy and Daddy. Mommy got Paddy as a birthday present back in 2005. She got him from a breeder in Morgantown PA at 10 weeks old.

Paddy was born on December 6, 2004, went to live with his Mommy and Daddy on February 18, 2005, the happiest day of Mommy’s life. Family and friends came to visit but Paddy hid in a corner. Two days later we took Paddy to the Vet and were told to return him as he had Stage 4 of 6 Heart Murmur. Mommy’s heart was broken. I called the Breeder and she told me that they had a very good veterinarian school who would love to have a Puppy to operate on, at that time Mommy and Daddy said no way. The following week we took Paddy to a Cardiologist. Dr. Miller said give Paddy back he will cause you heartache as he will not live to be a year old. I am proud to say Paddy turned 7 on December 6, 2011.

Paddy’s diagnosis was a leaky mitral valve and a hole in his heart. We didn’t care - we loved him and wanted him anyway. Dr. Miller gave us lots of medicine for Paddy. We had a few trips back to Dr. Miller but not many, once Dr. Miller adjusted his medicine and we haven’t had a need to see Dr. Miller in 2.5 years. In the interim Paddy has knee problems, almost totally blind, can basically see shadows but continuously wags his tail, he is so happy.

Around the holidays Daddy found a lump in Paddy’s groin area. On Tuesday January 10, 2012 we received the fateful call from the Vet saying Paddy has cancer. They say it is a cancer that will not spread to his organs but it will continue to grow and burst and the infection will kill him, and they recommend it be surgically removed as soon as possible. Of course with his heart condition Dr. Miller needs to give his okay.

On Tuesday 1/17/2012 at the advice of our Vet Paddy had x-rays done of his chest and blood work to ensure there is no other cancer in his body. The Vet said from what he could see there was no other cancer.

On Thursday February 2, 2012 we went to Dr. Miller who gave Paddy the thumbs up for surgery and we spoke to a surgeon immediately. The surgeon said they would have to do a CAT scan and for that they would have to sedate Paddy so we decided to come back the next day so after the CAT scan they could do the surgery immediately afterwards.

On Friday February 3, 2012 we took Paddy to the surgeon. A few hours later the surgeon called and said the cancer was in other parts of his chest and they did not recommend surgery. To remove the tumor they would have to resection Paddy's stomach, penis etc. and he probably would not survive. So we brought him home.

No one can seem to tell us what to expect, how long he will live. He will not eat his dog food, so I have been cooking for him and he eventually eats. He mopes around but sometimes has a spurt of energy. I don't know if he is hurting or not, it doesn't seem to be, he still enjoys his morning walk with his Daddy and is excited when Mommy comes in from work.

I have been rubbing Paddy down with Holy Water and Holy Oil every day.

I just wish someone could guide me because I love him more than anything and want his quality of life to be a good one.

Paddy beat the odds with the heart but I do not think he is going to beat this one. God has other plans for Paddy as the tumor is growing rapidly.

The Vet says it may burst, but I don't know what to expect if it does, or I don't know what to do.

I guess I should be quiet now, thank you so much for reading Paddy's story and if anyone has any advice please let me know.

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Nov 28, 2014
My deepest condolences
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear of your dear Paddy's passing.

I too have a golden retriever, her name is Emmie. My husband brought Emmie home to me as a birthday gift in July of 2004. I had just lost both of my parents to cancer in June..six days apart. I had never owned a dog before but at the age of 44 became the proud mama of my Emmie girl. She is the most gentle, kind and loving companion I could have hoped for, we love her as our child - even though we do have 4 grown children & 8 grandchildren.

Emmie has been a very healthy girl up until 8 months ago when she developed a hematoma in her right ear flap which she had surgically removed successfully. Then 2 months ago she developed another one in her left ear. It also was removed successfully. Yesterday we noticed a large lump on her right side about 5" down from her backbone. She has a vet appt on Monday which I am worried beyond sick.

I pray that you may find some comfort in the many wonderful memories you have of your beloved Paddy and also ask that you send up a little prayer for Emmie.

Oct 01, 2012
Have courage
by: Emma Jean's Mama

God bless the three of you. Our Golden, Emma Jean, was just diagnosed this past weekend with incurable cancer and I'm still in shock. May God give you the courage and the strength to endure this heartbreaking time.

I pray that Paddy is not in pain and he is very lucky to have a mommy and daddy like you both. Just continue to love him - that's all we can do, and that's all they want from us.

Peace and blessings to your family.

Mar 21, 2012
RIP My Beautiful Paddy
by: Paddys Mom

Paddy passed today. I love and miss him so much. This is the first time I have ever been through this. We always had pets growing up but Dad always took care of everything and we would always have another pet before the one passed.

This is one of the hardest things I have had to do in my entire life.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this difficult time.

God Bless.

Mar 18, 2012
Update on Paddy
by: Paddys Mom

Dear Stacey and JWeatherford for your well wishes. I just wanted to give an update that it is any day now, Paddy is growing weaker each day, but his Daddy is away until tomorrow (Monday) I think Paddy is waiting for him to come home. I have not left Paddy's side for over a week now, thank God I have vacation time to use. I manage to get the pain medication into him, I crush it to a powder and then put it in his favorite cream from cream puffs. This way I get it in his mouth and by licking his tongue he gets the medicine, otherwise he doesn't want any part of it. The Vet gave this medication to stimulate his appetite, it helps some.

It's hard not to cry, with him, for him, for myself. I cannot imagine my life each day coming home and not seeing my Beautiful Paddy greeting me, running in the bathroom with me, running to the bedroom as I change, then laying on the kitchen floor as I make dinner. All I can do is have Faith that God will get me through this and one day I will be with my Paddy again. I love him so much.

Thank you for letting me share. Hugs

Feb 25, 2012
by: Stacey

So sorry to hear about Paddy.

Our Rudy died from cancer 1 1/2 years ago. We treated Rudy with chemotherapy. We also made his food- no commercial dog foods. Chicken, eggs, sweet potatoes, blueberries, banana, rice - people food. Also spent lots of time, took trips with our furry family and took lots of pictures. During Rudy's last 3 months he visited tons of friends and family, went to the beach, traveled to Vermont..I can go on and on....we did a bucket list of sorts with Rudy. It was the worst but best time of my life.

Friends and family were wonderful and truly acknowledged our great love for our dog and we never ever took one day with him for granted.

I wish you all the best - our rule was to never cry in front of Rudy - we tried our best not to do this. We told him how much we loved him each and every day. Your Paddy will be with you always... I can still remember the smell of Rudy...I think of him every day!! I will be thinking of you.


Feb 20, 2012
To Dear Paddy's Mommy & Daddy
by: JWeatherford

My heart goes out to you! My husband and I had to put down our very loving English Mastiff, Max, Thanksgiving weekend. The entire family was devastated!

Per a conversation at a dinner party among neighbors who all have been through this horrible experience, our dogs never showed signs of pain, wimpered or cried. They will appear strong until you see they can not maintain their daily functions and as the Vet told us, "You will know when it is time". You will not agree with the feeling but you will know it is not fair to Paddy to continue to hold on. There is comfort in poetry such as the rainbow bridge.

I spent my following days and holidays grieving bc Max, who at 160 lbs was a human size member of the family and who stayed by me through my bout with breast cancer.

Seek comfort in knowing Paddy will be pain free, he will be waiting for you, and he will always live in your heart.

Do as you have been and simply love him!

My heart and prayers are with you. May God be with you and Paddy each day.


Feb 18, 2012
Stay strong, and be positive for Paddy
by: Scott L

No one here can say anything that will make the heartbreak of losing a friend easier. You can read the other stories and posts, and it may gain you some comfort ... that you are not alone in this sad phase of your dear friend's life.

If Paddy were to live to be 25 years old and pass away at that age, you would still feel helpless and the pain would be just the same. Paddy got to live 7 years with you and his daddy. You guys gave him the reason he wags his tail, he does that for YOU, and because of you.

As an animal that doesn't reason as humans do, he doesn't know what is happening. He will wag his tail for you till the end. Love him and try to appear happy for his sake. Have a picture taken of you and him and his daddy, now, if you get the chance. A picture you can put on display and smile at sometime down the road. You will be glad you did. I wish you well.

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