My Beautiful Buddy Has Brain Tumor

My Beautiful Buddy Has Brain Tumor

by Debra Denike
(Burlington, Ont)

Yesterday morning I woke up to what I thought was my 9 yr. old Wheaton Terrier "Buddy" having a bad dream. I leaned over the bed to calm him and relized he was having a seizure.

I talked to him and put my hand on him for what seemed like forever. When it was over, he stood up with foam around his mouth and growled at me with teeth exposed. Then barked agressively at me. I called the Vet and was told that since he had just had a full blood workup and everything was fine, that it was a brain tumor.

24 hrs later he had another grand mal seizure and then walked in circles and banged into walls, while barking at my husband and I. Eventually he recognized us and settled down. He had such a lost look in his eyes. Later in the day he was back to himself again. Today so far he is happy and eating well.

I don't know how long we'll have left, but I won't let him suffer.

Another Vet has told me he could go anytime once the seizures increase in frequency. And she says we'll know when his time comes.

God Bless my Buddy for all the happiness he's brought into so many lives!


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May 18, 2019
Brain Tumour v Phenobarbital
by: Anonymous

My gorgeous 14 year old rescue dog had her first seizure 4 months ago. Such a shocking thing to witness, thought that was the end right there and then. Suspected brain tumour was the diagnosis.

She was fine for a month, then a cluster of seizures, with long lasting effects, pacing, confusion, ataxia. So, off to the vet, phenobarbital was prescribed to reduce seizures.

The seizures have not left completely, they turn up in clusters every 4 weeks or so. And she has deteriorated, very wobbly, anxious, confused. She is my whole world at the moment, and it be left, can no longer come in the car as it is too worrying for her. Not everyone in her family is recognised and routines have disappeared. The nights are scary so we cuddle on the couch together.

I was feeling that her time might have been approaching until I started doing some research. To my horror I have learnt that the symptoms of a brain tumour are the same as side effects of phenobarbital. Now I am questioning whether she is worse because of her meds.

Do I prolong things and wean her off her meds, which could take some time?

Mar 17, 2019
My love girl Oxford
by: Jenn

My Oxford was a 10 year old golden shepherd mix that had her first seizure in October of 2018. After the MRI, we found out she had a meningioma that had made it into her brain matter. It was small so we opted to go with radiation since it seemed to give her the best quality of life for the risk.

She was great for about five months. No observed seizures. Until yesterday when she had a seizure around 9:45am. We calmly took care of her making sure she wasn’t in a position to be harmed and gently talking her through it. It lasted about a minute and she was woozy like normal but after about 20 min, we got her comfortable and called the oncologist to report. Unfortunately about five min later, she went into another grand mal that lasted 1 min 45. We got ready to bring her in and during the 20 min time it took us to get out the door to the vet, she had two more small seizures.

Coral Springs Animal Hospital is amazing. They did all they could with the anti convulsants possible. She was okay for a brief period but then slipped into a string of seizures she couldn’t recover from. They called us later that night telling us to come in.

I’m not sure how it ramped up so fast. We’re assuming maybe a hemorrhage. We couldn’t get an MRI done fast enough. But when we got there, she was partially paralyzed and the seizures wouldn’t stop. Words can’t describe the loss of my love girl. The quiet in the house is unbearable.

Dec 03, 2018
Brain tumour
by: Deb

We lost our beautiful 7yr old border collie in April.

Zebedee had always been a picture of health, long haired black and white.

His illness started with what looked like a reverse sneeze. I've never heard of it before. Then in the last 2 weeks he could see sometimes, then the crashing into things, walking round in right hand circles and defecating and finally the fits.

It was heartbreaking but we couldn't let him suffer. Blood tests came back clear, but CT scan showed frontal lobe and nasal tumour, hence the reverse sneezing.

There isn't a day goes by when I don't cry for him, he made not just us, but all he met so happy. My boy was love on legs.

RIP Zebedee.xx

Oct 16, 2018
by: Burt

I understand your pain. Three days ago I had to make the decision to euthanize our beloved Lenny, an 11 year old Golden Retriever.

One and half weeks ago Lenny was a strapping beautiful healthy and he rapidly decompensated. MRI showed what looked like a Glioma in his right forebrain with tremendous edema. They also found a mass on his adrenal gland. Steroids did not yield much and he continued to worsen. Interesting enough he never had a seizure. Neurologist stated seizures usually occur with meningiomas. Some here may not know some of the word I am typing so please google them it will make sense.

Lenny was our 8th in 38 years of marriage. We usually have had two. Devastated doesn't come very close to how we are feeling. This gets harder every time filled with a combination of guilt and regret. Did I give him enough time? Did I do the right thing?

He was eating, urinating a defecating to the end. Had trouble getting up, couldn't see on his left side, falling down, banging into things and he looked like he may have had a headache possibly. He was not responding well. All of this in a week.

I believe that we should never allow our dogs or cats or anyone lose their dignity. So I will have to live with our decision. It's a tough week.


Jul 15, 2018
Lost my best friend Mercedes
by: Paul

I lost my 10 year old Boxer, Mercedes, on Thursday and I am devastated.

She had a seizure back on Feb 28 and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had done well on some conventional meds and 2 holistic remedies until 2 weeks ago when she has a pretty bad seizure. She slept for awhile after that seizure and then seemed ok.

Her only real side effects from the tumor were incontinence and circling to the right but the medications otherwise really worked well and gave her an extra 4 months.

On July 12 she started to struggle just to put her head down to get water. It seemed like it really pained her to do so. She then went into another seizure and she never really came out of it.

So we had a very nice hospice vet come out and evaluate Mercedes and she thought it was best that we put her down.

She got to pass with all of us around her and on her favorite bed and blanket. I am devastated, however, and miss her so much. She was like a best friend and could always put a smile on my face. I loved her so much!!

Jul 14, 2018
My heart is shattered
by: Ashley

I had to put my dog to sleep yesterday around 7 AM due to an expected brain tumor, and I am absolutely devastated.

My baby girl just turned 12 last month, and we celebrated with snacks, ball time and long walks. I never expected to lose her the way that I did just a month later.

On Tuesday, Dutches had a seizure, and we ran her to the vet. She was diagnosed with diabetes, we got her insulin and believed she would get better; she did not.

On Wednesday, she was okay and we had a great day together. We played with her ball, cuddled and shared lots of kisses.

On Thursday, she began throwing up and had two more seizures. We took her to another vet who told us about a possible brain tumor, but said her symptoms could be caused by her diabetes— she told us to continue the insulin and gave us medication for her seizures.

My girl had another seizure that night and became extremely restless. We did manage to sleep for a few minutes, but I woke up around 5:30 AM to her having uncontrollable seizures. I knew it was time. She was gone by 7 AM on Friday, July 13th, 2018.

I miss her more than words can describe. She was one of the most important things to me on this planet. She was with me for 12 wonderful years and I am absolutely blessed to have had her in my life. My heart is torn to shreds without her. I’m sitting here now with the last blanket she slept with when she was coherent, that’s Wednesday night.

I love you my girl. Then. Now. Forever. I will carry your memory until I take my last breath.

Anyone else who is going through this, you’re in my thoughts. I know the pain it holds.

Jul 09, 2018
Holly the Golden Therapy Dog
by: Becky H.

My Holly had a seizure out of the blue the night before Mother's day. She has always been healthy and at 15 3/4 happy and talking bossy as usual. The grand mal seizures started at 9 pm. And came back one hour later that night.

I crated her so she wouldn't hurt herself. Mother's Day Sunday she seemed fine and was spoilt with her favorite foods and her pups 12th birthday cake. At 9 pm the seizures started again and lasted about 3-4 min. Every hour and a half.

It tired her horribly.

We crated her but I could hear her having them through the night. I took her to the vet in the morning - too weak to stand. On the way she had another one.

We knew it was time to say goodbye. She had a great life and made me happy by being my first Therapy dog.

Jun 23, 2018
My Sweet Avie
by: Anonymous

My sweet Avie American Eskimo had a massive seizure May 29, I rushed her to the ER as she had never had this happen before. They ran blood work and drugged her up to prevent Seizures. She was so out of it for hours.

That night she could not walk. I insisted on taking her home with me as if she was going to die I wanted her not to be alone. She made it through the night and I took her to her normal doctor. He prescribed seizure medicine and prednisone. He actually looked at her and said she could make a recovery but we would have to care for her and nurse her back to health.

Of course this was my baby. I carried her to use the restroom and at times she would get up and walk only to fall down. I had great faith and prayed that she would heal from this.

Well Friday Morning at 3:35am she had another seizure. She came back after not breathing for around 1 minute but seemed like 20. Her body was lifeless, at 8:36 she passed away peacefully at home with me. She is my life and this all happened so fast I don't know what to think. I will say that I thought she would live another 3 years before any illness showed up just to show how tough she is.

At the age of 13 years old from her first seizure God blessed me with 3 more weeks with her, she showed more strength than she could have ever shown in 3 years. I was and am blessed to have had that extra time for wagon walks and playfulness up until just yesterday. I pray for anyone that is going through this as the pain cuts deep into the heart. Blessing to all.

Jun 22, 2018
My boy
by: Anonymous

Our 14 year old boy started to have seizures a few months ago, diagnosis is believed to be a tumour. He is on multi anticonvulsant therapy which is not doing much, his seizures are mild but frequent.

We know he is deteriorating but watching him is destroying me as he is my world. When he is not seizing he is loving life and for his age is incredibly fit and active. I know our time is limited now and am terrified of losing him.

Sending love to all of you that have been or are currently going through this with your beloved companions x

Jun 09, 2018
Brain tumour
by: Lizzy

My dog had 2 small seizures and one grand mal at 3am this morning. She is in the vets now and has been tested and they said she has a brain tumour (she is 14 in August). They are giving her medication to stop the seizures.

I had the idea that I might have her for another year or so but after reading your story I mightn't. This dog is my life and has seen me through the hardest times.

I'm waiting for an update. My heart goes out to you.

May 22, 2018
by: Anonymous

Your story broke my heart!! Found your post while searching for more info on Old Dog Vestibular Disease Progression.

My little daisy dig was diagnosed two years ago and last night he woke me up screaming for 5 minutes as he did when his initial episode hit.

We love our dogs so much. Your baby was lucky to have such a good mom. Healing takes time - cry all you need.

May 12, 2018
For the Love of Lucy
by: Liz

Thank you all for your comments, it was a comfort to know that other people know how you feel. It's been almost a year since my Lucy died - I had to put her down. June 11 2017 - The worst day of my life. I still miss her more than words can say and think about her every single day. I still cry fairly often and sometimes trying to choke down the tears. She was the love of my life!!!

I knew something was wrong because sometimes she would just stare at walls. Often it seemed as though she wasn't quite sure of our routine or even who I was. Sometimes she would shake like she was just cold. I took her to the vet but she said she looked great for her age. Lucy was a 13 year old beautiful pitty with a heart of gold and such a friendly demeanor. She got along with every dog in the neighborhood and there was not one place that I went to that I couldn't bring Lucy. Everyone loved her and she was such a good dog.

One day she came to great me and fell down and started seizing. It was horribly disturbing. I picked her up by myself and put her into the car and rushed her to the closest vet. It was the longest drive of my life those few miles. She had a seizure that lasted 8 minutes the vet said it was either cancer or a brain tumor. Because of her age, we gave the anti-seizure medicine a try, only. It didn't work that well. She still had seizures and it was incredibly horrible to stand by and watch that.

I slept with her on the floor the night before I had her put down. I made us a comfortable bed and we snuggled. The next morning I woke up and she was pushing me with her nose - she looked lost and she didn't know who I was. That was probably the worst part - my best friend didn't know me. She kept smelling me like she could almost remember but not really. What a true nightmare!

I miss her so very much and can't seem to let her go. I found her collar in my car with her hair on it a few weeks back and it's all I have left of her in the physical sense. I can't seem to find closure. It's been really hard. It does get a little easier but it takes so very long. Slowly I'm learning to live with it.

Thank you all for sharing your stories and thank you for letting me share mine.

For the Love of Lucy,


Apr 13, 2018
My buddy Tommy
by: DachshundPop

My 15 year old dachshund Tommy had his first seizure two nights ago. It was shocking and unsettling, as he was shaking and foam/drool was coming from his mouth.
We immediately brought him to the vet to see what was going on as we always made sure to get him his checkups, and found it was likely a brain tumor as he had never had seizures before.

The way to confirm this would have been an MRI, but with his old age it just didn’t make sense to go through with it simply to find out he would need a rigorous treatment that we wouldn’t want to put him through at his age.

We brought him home with a prescription of phenobarbital and told we would see success if no other seizures occurred. He had another seizure the following morning and after hours of being observed by the vet, we brought him home for another round of treatment. He immediately began pacing around the house and yard aimlessly and constantly. He seemed to walk towards everyone in the family one by one as if to come say "hi!" but would not interact or even stop walking. He would still eat and drink, which was promising, but his pacing and balance were way off.

After three more seizures and constant pacing, we all knew it was time for him to join his bro and our former dachshund, Timmy, who had passed 3 years earlier.

I took Tommy throughout the house and yard in which he’d been king for 15 years, smelling the smells and seeing the sights one last time. He died peacefully in my mom's arms later that day surrounded by his whole pack. We are still letting tears flow as Tommy was such a happy-go-lucky part of our family for so long and had helped us through countless difficult times in the past. We are getting better as grief turns to wonderful memories, but the things I’d do to have one more nap with my man. I’m glad he only had to go through what he went through for a couple nights and we were able to say our final goodbyes at our home all the way until his passing.

For all those going through something similar: stay strong but don’t be afraid to grieve. We’ll get through it

Mar 23, 2018
Gabrielle & Chloe
by: Hazel, Site Editor

Hi Gabrielle,

I am so sorry about Chloe. I have a similar story. My 15-year-old dog Hana had an episode of "vestibular disease" last May. I also suspected a brain tumor but because of her age, the vet didn't think doing a scan would do her any good.

She recovered from her imbalance but in June she had what seemed like a stroke. She lost her balance again and her hearing totally. We went to another vet but again he didn't want to do a scan. We did the best to cope with her hearing loss and we trained her up so she could eventually walk quite steadily.

All seemed well for 6 weeks. Then on August 14, she suddenly had a seizure that wouldn't stop even though the vet gave her 3-4 shots of anti-convulsion drugs. We didn't want her to suffer so decided to put her to sleep.

From what I've read, dogs with a brain tumor usually last for 2 months or so after showing signs (e.g. loss of balance, seizures, etc.). In Chloe's case, since she had the targeted radiation, maybe her tumor has shrunken somewhat and that might buy her some time. Eventually though, the tumor will start growing again...

You are doing all the right things - keeping her happy and comfortable and not letting her suffer. Keep a close eye on her and try not to leave her by herself if possible - in case she has a seizure.

I know all these seem very overwhelming and frustrating for you, but be strong and stay positive. Chloe is very lucky to have you as her sister.

Best of luck, Hazel

Mar 21, 2018
Chloe's Experience with a Brain Tumor
by: Gabrielle

Hi, my dog is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Chloe. She is 9 and has a brain tumor. Took most of December with her symptoms going on and off to finally get my parents to realize something was wrong with her. The vet mis-diagnosed her with vestibular disease, and eased her off of prednisone for an "eye infection".

I knew it wasn't, because they had checked every part of her except her head. As I thought, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she hit her lowest point.

My family was preparing to say goodbye, but I wasn't. I am 15 and have had her since 1st grade, I wasn't giving up.

She ended right back on prednisone, steroids for inflammation, and we gave her Stereotactic radiosurgery. IT'S AMAZING! It takes 5 days, and targets the cancerous cells only. The only problem is that it takes a few months to work, if it will.

We brought Chloe home, and she was weak, but okay. She started getting much much better as the weeks passed. We took her back for a check up and the doc said she was sooo much better and that we could start taking Chloe off the prednisone by 10% FIRST, to see how she did.

Two weeks later, and she is okay, but a few days ago she started getting very lethargic. Today is March 21, and she has another check up in April. She seems kind of depressed, lethargic, no tail wagging, or anything. It's like she stopped viewing me as her sister and as a treat dispenser now.

I noticed an hour ago that her eye isn't just twitching anymore, but her muscles in her left side of her face and some on her shoulder. I am wondering if we should put her back on all of the prednisone. I just want her to be happy, while living as long as possible, to have NO pain, and to feel loved.

Any tips, stories, or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


Dec 13, 2017
Our boy, Boris
by: Anonymous

Boris was euthanized last night, exactly two months after his original diagnosis of inoperable brain tumor.

The meds kept him seizure-free, but they could neither stop nor slow the disease progression.

Boris improved a bit during the first three weeks after diagnosis, and I was encouraged. But once the decline began, it was quick and unrelenting. The neurologist felt he was having pain in his head and neck and prescribed pain medicine.

I did NOT want him to have ANY pain, but soon he started limping, presumably from pain, in spite of taking the pain meds. He became bewildered and confused, somewhat reclusive, but very attached to me. His back end became weaker, making it increasingly difficult for him to stand from a lying position.

He never missed a meal, and he never vomited or had accidents, but we felt his dignity and comfort were severely compromised.

Euthanasia seemed to be the only answer. He passed in my arms, gave me a kiss, and gazed into my eyes until his eyes closed. My heart is shattered, and my life will never be the same. But I am better because of Boris, and I owe so much to him.

Dec 13, 2017
Good news for glioma brain cancer
by: Anonymous

Nov 23, 2017
My baby Scruffs
by: Anonymous

My cousin's dog, Scruffy, is 11 years old and was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her brain about a year ago. We found out in December last year and we were devastated. She has had some skin problems and leg injuries so when my mom called me over and I saw tears on her face she said one word, and I thought Scruffy had died. I was wrong however, because that was when she was diagnosed.

My aunt and uncle were deciding when to put her down last year but decided to give her as much time as possible. I’m glad they did because we got another whole year with her.

She was very active and lively many times throughout that year, but her activity has started to die down. I just want her to be happy but I can’t let her go. The worst part is I have a dog named Pepper who LOVES Scruffy. I am heartbroken when I think of her reaction when Scruffy is gone. I just don’t know when the time will come but whatever happens, I just want everything to be okay.

Nov 21, 2017
My Girl Tina
by: Adrieanna

My girl Tina was two weeks away from turning 18 when she had her first episode where she was off balance, bumping into things, couldn't walk right but then became better.

She slept a lot but when she was awake she was her playful self, loved her food and her walked. I did notice for some time she was drinking a lot but vet said all was fine. She was the love of my life. If you believe in soul mates, she was mine. I loved her so much.

My girl had a seizure on the Friday night. We rushed her to the vets. They said at her age they think she may have a brain tumor. They did blood tests and all were fine. I couldn't afford a MRI which broke my heart. The vet said take her home and see how she goes as she was fine again, so we did.

She was more tired and next day she seemed weaker on her legs but had no seizure. But I noticed her legs from time to time were wobbly and sometimes she would just stand, looking confused as to what to do next.

Then the next night she was playing tug of war with me but then she stopped and fell to her side. One hour later she had a bad seizure. We rushed her to the vets and they said it was more than likely a tumor pressing on her brain and she was always going to get them.

I loved her more than to let her suffer slowly and let her go. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I lost my boy Winston four months before my baby is gone. I'm devastated and lost and live with the what ifs.

She gave me everything I needed.

She was my girl Tina xx

Nov 20, 2017
Old Doxie lilly
by: Agnes

My precious angel Lilly is 18 years old.

She had a seizure five months ago. She has had five since then. One a month. She eats like a horse. I can't keep the food coming fast enough. When she is not sleeping she is eating. She sleeps 23 hours a day.

I don't want her to suffer and I'm not fooling myself regarding her mortality at this age. It's just so hard knowing when is the right time to let her fly into the heavens to b a heavenly angel instead of an earthly one.

Nov 08, 2017
Our beautiful Chops
by: Sharen

My daughter has had Chops for going on eleven years which I'm told is OLD for a boxer. He has always been an extra playful and loveable dog and has given us all these years of unconditional love.

On Tuesday, Nov 6th, he could not walk without stumbling and weaving. We took him to the vets clinic near our home and they highly suspected a brain tumor. He had the most terrified look in his eyes and he tried to get up and leave with us when it came time for him to be put down.

My daughter couldn't bear the thought of seeing him put down but she's wracked with guilt thinking that she didn't do all that she could for Chops. He went from one seizure to the other with no stopping them. He was fine that morning. It was way to quick and way too painful for our boy. We had to let him go but we're unable to stop the flow of tears for our baby.

Love you Chops.

Oct 20, 2017
For the last anonymous poster
by: Anonymous

I posted earlier about my Wheaten, Boris. I want to tell the last poster about my experience with my last dog, a Welsh terrier.

He had his first seizure at exactly 3 years old. After he got into a display at PetSmart (I can't remember if it was those pig ears or those other hoof things) as I was looking at toothpaste. He clustered almost immediately, and continued to cluster for quite some time. I wondered if preservatives might be responsible, so I began cooking his food and treats, and I gave him no commercial food or treats.

The difference was unbelievable! He had been seizing about once a month, and then he'd sometimes go five or six months between seizures!

I'm not saying his reaction is typical, but it worked for us. It might work for you too. Also, my vet told us that dogs rarely die during a seizure unless it lasts lots longer than the typical seizure. My best to you and your sweet boy!

Oct 20, 2017
I think I might lose my soul mate doggy
by: Anonymous

I'm really sad. My Boston terrier Buboo started having seizures 3 months ago. I love this dog more then any dog I've ever had. He is the sweetest funniest silliest little guy. He is only 2 years old.

I felt like he might get better when we put him on the phenobarbital. He went from a grand mal seizure once every 9 days to one seizure every thirty days. The problem is our vet said we need to get them down to once every 2-3 months.

Well, that didn't work he had cluster seizures 30 days after his last seizure. We added another medicine. Still another bought of seizure 30 days later. We switch his second medication and now I'm waiting. I'm sad because I'm pretty sure he had a mini seizure today - less then 8 days after his last one.

The seizures are just getting worse. The medication doesn't seem to be working now. I was hoping he just had epilepsy, but now I think it's a brain tumor. We go to the neurologist if this medication doesn't work.

He's only 2 years old. Every time he has a seizure I'm afraid he's going to die. It's so scary. I hate that he has to go through this - it's not fair.

Oct 18, 2017
Brain cancer treatment
by: Anonymous

Just saw on channel 10 local news station a report of a pit bull diagnosed with brain cancer a few months ago received a new treatment that bonds to the cancerous cells and leaves healthy cells unharmed.

In a very short time the tumor had shrunk by 50% a few weeks later it shrunk another 50%. The dog is doing well and feeling much better. I tried to find the news video online to post here, but it just now aired so I'm guessing it's just not online quite yet.

For all of you worried parents of sweet fur children, it's worth looking into. Check online. I believe the dogs name was Q. Channel 10 news Sacramento. Aired today 10/18/17 approximately 11:15 am. Good luck to you all.

Oct 12, 2017
Our Boris
by: Anonymous

My Wheaten, Boris, is 10 years old. He had his first ever seizure yesterday. My husband said it lasted 45 seconds. I could swear it lasted 25 minutes! I was so scared.

My husband picked him up to take him outside, and he had another one. We loaded him into the car and took him to the emergency vet. He had another one. That was three in 15 minutes.

The emergency vet suspected a brain tumor and, when the 4th seizure in about 60 minutes began, she gave him a first-line anti-convulsant. He could not see out of one eye, and had unilateral weakness. He seemed deaf, as well.

Today, an MRI confirmed an inoperable meningioma wrapped around various structures in his head and applying pressure on his eye. The vet kept him last night and tonight, but we were allowed to visit him briefly.

He was so happy to see me. His entire rear end wagged. He was ready to go home, but the vet wouldn't let him. He gave me 100 kisses in 5 minutes, but the tech said I was exciting him too much, so we had to leave.

The vet said radiation would give him "maybe a year," but he'd have to have a biopsy first to determine what kind of treatment to give him. We didn't like that idea. The vet agreed that anti-convulsants and lots of steroids would be his choice if Boris were his dog.

We hope to bring him home tomorrow. We plan to give him lots of apples, ice cream, and yogurt and lots of short walks, and everything he loves with total disregard for his weight during the next "couple months" the vet predicts he'll live.

We will make him exuberantly happy as our hearts break every single day.

Boris came to us as a 16-month-old rescue. But he rescued us, and we'll never ever be the same!

Oct 12, 2017
by: Angie

My beautiful boy Glenn had first seizure on 11/09/17 at the age of almost 12.

For two weeks he recovered really well and was back to his old self more or less. Deep down I suspected a tumour although at first my vet would never actually say it so we went through the routine blood checks (which were fine apart from slightly raised liver enzymes).

At the beginning of last week he started ticking, drooling and losing his balance, but again he would revert back to almost normal but was barking less and unwilling to walk far on his lead.

Last Thursday he had a sudden deterioration and started walking in circles, bumping into things, falling over and became unresponsive to me and his cuddles (he was the most needy dog and loved his cuddles) - It was as if I his spirit ha already left him.

I took him straight back to the vet and this time he had to be carried. She then finally said the words brain tumour and kept him all day with the view to a few night in out of hours veterinary hospital and possible MRI on Monday... he was transferred to the hospital at 5pm on on Saturday 7th October and by 5.30pm he went to sleep for the final time.

I am finding his rapid decline very hard to deal with but in time I know I will be grateful that he didn't suffer for long and cherish every minute I had with my cheeky, needy, loyal, beautiful boy.

My thoughts go out to you all at this time... my heart is broken.

Sep 28, 2017
When is it time?
by: Charles

I have read through most of the post on this page. I too have a dog that is having seizures - Just had blood work done today at the vet - He is 7 so most likely will be a brain tumor.

That being said - and yes it is sad - there will be no treatment other than watching him. So far only 2 seizures that we know of . The 2nd was way worse than the first and I really thought that he might die right there and then. When he comes out of them and calms down he is fine and appears normal. At the time they become too serious I would have to put him down as I could not bear to watch the poor thing suffer.

Now I know he is a member of the family - and yes that is a hard decision - but having gone through tragic events with pets in the past, I know often times our emotions get the best of us rather than doing what is best for the animal in questions. The decision is always a hard one, but make sure your decision is based on what is best for your pet and not done because of your own heart and desire to keep them in your life.

Think about it and talk about it with your family and friends. It is a decision that I hope I do not have to make anytime soon - but part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing when the time has come.

Sep 02, 2017
My poor baby Harleigh
by: Anonymous

About 3 months ago, I noticed that Harleigh would fall off the curb while we were on walks but just thought it was her getting older.

She is 13 and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old.

Then she started walking into doors and walls and looking spaced out at times. She would also tremble a lot. I found out now that these could have been small seizures.

I found out 4 days ago that she most likely had a brain tumor and the vet gave me some medication for anxiety and pain and sent us on our way.

Since yesterday, she has gotten so much worse and all I can do is cry because as much as I love her and want to keep her with me as long as possible, I can't watch her deteriorate a little more every day. I am having this inner struggle on what I know ultimately needs to be done.

Apr 16, 2017
by: Sandra

An update on Cookie from Jan:

He had his MRI scan and the worst was diagnosed: he has a brain tumour. We were offered radiotherapy for him but because of his age, 13, and his hip displasia we decided against it.

Besides he would always have the fits and we would only be delaying the inevitable.

He is on two lots of seizure tablets that really knock him off balance and steroids. He has had several more fits and each time it affects his legs more. He whines a lot and barks for no reason. But there are still good days when he's full of beans but these are getting less.

When it's more bad days than good we will arrange for the vet to come to the house and not go through the stress of taking him to the vets. We owe him that much. It's breaking our hearts.

I am so sorry for the loss of Buddy and my heart goes out to anyone who has lost their pet.

Mar 28, 2017
Thank you for sharing your stories
by: Anonymous

My 12 year old Golden Retriever had his first seizure yesterday. Although now I'm wondering if the shaking he experienced a few weeks ago were related. At the time his vet thought he was sick due to a UTI. He seems fine now, but has been sleepy all day.

I'm grateful for every day I have him here beside me. I'm committed to not having him suffer. It is comforting to hear others say that they knew when the time was right.

Mar 05, 2017
Pepie my world
by: Julie

I have just found out my adorable Westie has a brain tumour. My world has fallen apart. He is my gift from god, my angel, so I know exactly how you feel about Buddy.

At the moment he stumbles to the right and loses his balance. The vet said he is in no pain.

We have to stay positive and treat each day as special. I feel special to have such a wonderful little dog in my life.

May God bless you and Buddy.

Feb 26, 2017
My Best Buddy is going through the same thing
by: Vena

Manny is 9 and started having grand mal seizures in August.
We put him on phenobarbital in Nov. when they progressed to 2 a month.

He has just started having 1 per week and are becoming more violent with each one.

I pray to God to let me know when to put him down.

Between seizures he is happy and unchanged in his behavior and physical ability.

I sleep downstairs with hm now because post seizure he is too unstable to navigate the stairs.

He is very clingy just before a seizure also our cat and Lucy our other dog stay close by him and sleep along side especially before seizure, then Lucy stays by his side when they go out to potty.

I am blessed to have such a loving and loyal pack of pets.
It breaks my heart to think of one missing from the equation - these 3 have been together since puppy/kitten hood.

I have a vet who will come here and put him down when the time comes. But I don't know if this would be the right thing to do for the remaining 2.

Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.

Jan 31, 2017
My Golden Cookie
by: Sandra

My 13 yr old Golden retriever Cookie had his first seizure on Jan 3, and his second on Jan 25.

He has them whilst sleeping so there are no warning signs.
The vet said at his age it is more than likely a tumour, we are taking him for an MRI scan on Friday in the hope to confirm what we already know. It won't be cheap but money isn't the object here. The fact is he has been a life long companion and brought our family so much joy he deserves to be looked after.

He has taken more time to recover from the second fit and is now near enough his usual self, although I can tell we lost a little bit more of him after his second fit.

We will continue to spoil him until it's time to say goodbye, a decision I am dreading but it's the least I can do when the time comes. My heart is breaking.

Jan 01, 2017
Brain Tumor
by: Johanna

My 18-19 year old dog was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. She had vestibular disease a year ago and I thought she had a recurrence few months ago. The doctor agreed with me but she continued to go downhill.

I am doing everything I can for her. She would do the same for me. She has not had seizures but her doc said the tumor presents itself 2 ways. Either seizures or starvation and Daisy has taken the starvation route. She is down from 85 lbs to 41 lbs. I feed her small meals several times a day.
And I am making the most of every hour I have left with her. She has seen me thru good times and entirely too many tragedies. She has been my best friend.

Jan 07, 2016
My dearest Gougou
by: Anonymous

It's great to stumble across this page where owners can share their experience.

My Maltese was 14 1/2 yo when he had his first seizure on 15/12/15 and had just passed away yesterday on the 6/1/16.
His tail never wagged again since the first seizure, everything went downhill really quickly.

Initially, we thought it could be the new essential oil that we were using as it has a very strong scent, a friend of mine has a Maltese that experienced the same and had duly recovered after removing the strong scent.

Nonetheless, we brought him in to the vet the next day.
The vet did not think that that was the cause. For a dog his age to have the first seizure, it would either be a brain tumor or certain organs not functioning right, for instance the liver. When failed to work the way it should, toxin might have caused the seizure.

The blood test came back pretty much in the normal range, that would mean that it probably was a brain tumor. We went home with some diazepam which is a smal amount of liquid to be administered from the rectum to half a seizure.

For 10 days there was no seizure, but Gougou started pacing, walking in circles, later on, pressing his head up against corners, stumbling as he walked...

Following on, the seizures came in closer intervals. He got weaker after every episode. Eventually, he couldn't eat, drink on his own and became incontinent and disoriented.

We followed up with many visits to the vet throughout. Everything pointed to a brain tumor. According to the vet, there isn't a surgery option for brain in Singapore. If we really wanted to be certain it was a brain tumor, we could go for MRI etc, which would cost S$3000-7000. Gougou would need to be under GA which he might not pull through due to his age and a weak liver. In other words, there was no cure for him.

Towards the end of his journey, his neck was contorted in a strange angle. He gradually had issues swallowing food, hence I had to feed him 2-3 times a day, putting food close to his throat when he opened his mouth to pant. He was still able to drink.

He no longer barked but started howling continuously esp in the night. We did not know if he was in pain, the doc thought probably not. I did give him some painkiller though it didn't make much difference.

The vet did put across to us if we wanted to have him euthanize.

He was generally not in pain, but he was totally reliant on us and there was no quality of life anymore. But as long he was not in pain, given the rate he was deteriorating, I chose to want to be there for him till the end. Many sleepless night comforting him when he howled, constant cleaning up, feeding. But I had no complains for he was my best friend, he trusted me. I had to be there for him.

Then in an evening after 3 weeks, he started breathing rapidly and noisily after a dose of steroid and seizure medication. He calmed down after that and slowly faded away in my arms.

Aug 25, 2014
Our girl Aimee
by: steve

Our girl Aimee is a cattle-dog x border collie, aged 9 years. The first symptoms or character change we noticed were: she started not to be able to see/recognise her food bowl, and started walking around our outdoor table in one direction, and started circling around our legs.

We took her to an after-hours vet that night, who diagnosed her with toxicity poisoning. The next morning we collected her, she was a little better, but she was still circling and one of her eyes seemed to be looking in another direction.

An MRI a few days later still could not confirm if the image was a tumour or stroke, because the magnetics in the imaging machine was not strong enough to tell the difference. We reside in Australia, and the MRI cost $2400 including a spinal tap to rule out other medical possibilities. Over the next week Aimme's condition became progressively worse - she kept pacing all the time; her circling became worse, and she started to look very uncomfortable within herself. We eventually made the heart-breaking decision to euthanize Aim's, because we couldn't stand to see her suffer any longer.

From noticing the first symptoms to the final day was only two weeks.

We are still very angry that our politicians spend $billions & $trillion on making weapons and machines that kill, instead of putting that money into research and machines that will cure illnesses like cancer.

Jan 09, 2014
Harley David - Beagle 7 years old
by: sharon

Came home this evening to find my Harley staggering and unable to stand. In an attempt to make him comfortable while frantically searching for answers - my husband said OMG as I saw the words brain tumor. We raced him to the vet but within an hour he was gone. I had recently noticed lethargy but justified it with the onset of cold weather and his normal need to be warm. His mannerisms had changed with very verbal grumbles - I looked this up and found that this could be normal with older age. He did snap at me a few weeks ago but again I justified it as I had tried to wake him for a bathroom break.

Now as I look back - I realize there were slight changes and deep down even though I shook my head, I knew something was not right.

Understand your instincts - The vet said we could not have known nor been able to do anything yet I feel I let Harley down. Again listen to your inner gut - if you feel something is wrong, it probably is.

Apr 17, 2013
I just lost my pitbull to cancer
by: Anonymous

It began with a behavior change - fights with the other dog, usually over food and I attributed it to her food psychosis of being found starving as a young dog. I had to be careful of her whereabouts when I fed them and had to separate them.

Then, it was going out the door, she seemed like her eyesight was going, and at possibly 13, I thought it was glaucoma. She had an eye that turned red, was treated with antibiotics and drops and eventually appeared to have an ulcer. I thought she was having bad dreams, some shaking, and really clingy, always affectionate, but now more than ever.

It was brain cancer, which had metastasized to her eye. I did not want to put her down. She was still eating and walking, just could not control her bladder and would soil her blanket. The tumor on her eye ruptured and she was at that time in too much pain. Four days ago, I researched for euthanasia, as at home was more than I could do, at this point, I asked them to recommend a good place. I was so ashamed to give up on her, that I did not even leave appropriate information. I was advised that it was cancer and at her age the prognosis was poor, and being a low income worker, cancer treatment would have been out of my financial ability. I have buried her in my back yard and I miss her so much.

I can tell myself that it was for the best all day long, but I still hate having done it. I was there with her and she was at peace, but I cry every day over the decision. My ex brought her to me 10 years ago and abandoned her and me for another woman, 4 years ago. He did not want to see her or become involved in her treatment, so I did not call him. I felt I lost the best of him with her, it was like letting go all over again.

I visualize her running the beach and chasing a stick somewhere in dog heaven. It is the only thing that brings me peace. She was a wonderful dog and protector. She was obedient and smart, she understood commands in 2 languages. She would have given her life to protect me. I hope to be able to go on with life, but at this point, I am very depressed.

Thank you for this forum.

Oct 02, 2011
Some dogs need more than 1 seizure medication
by: Sharon McGuigan(Bianca's owner)

Re Beagle Charlie:

He may need a second anticonvulsant medication such as Potassium Bromide. Please ask your vet.

My Bianca is also on Phenobarbitol since age of 2 and when she started acting like 'Cujo" snapping at me and fearful of me, the vet added Potassium Bromide and she has been seizure free as long as blood levels are ok. Some dogs have to be on 2 sometimes 3 medications to control seizures. I hope you can benefit from my suggestion!!

Oct 02, 2011
Charlie beagle started having seizures
by: Juliette

My Charlie is thirteen years old and has been a lovely friend to me. He has seen me through so many personal losses including the loss of my daughter.

He started having seizures a month ago, having had a cancer removed from his eye a year ago. I don't know if the two are related, but suspect strongly that they are. He is on Phenobarbitone and a huge dose at that. Lately he has started to snap at my face, something he has never done in his life. He is miserable and no longer wags his tail or sniffs when we go for a walk. This morning he went for my face when I planted a peck on the top of his head. I realise that he is in great discomfort and perhaps in pain. So I have made a decision that I will have to follow through with due to his age and his deterioration.

I hope I am making the right one as I love him very much and I am so terribly sad this morning.

Dec 28, 2010
My Wonderful Friend Molly
by: Sandi

My 11 y/o lab Molly had her first seizure on Nov 21, 2010. It was a grand mal seizure that lasted for almost 5 minutes. She had another one later that night. She had 3 more early in the morning before her visit to the vet. They did blood work which only showed high liver enzymes. I put her on Phenobarbital which stopped the seizures. I had to adjust her dosage a few times and have blood work to get her to the right dosage to prevent the seizures but still remain alert and enjoying life.

She did very well and seemed fine other than a bit slower until December 24. She had 2 seizures on the 24th so I increased her medications. On Dec 25, 2010 she had a bad seizure at 3 am and continued to have several more and the medication was no longer working at all. She began to breath hard and pace all around the house running into things and getting into small places where she would press her head against walls and furniture. I took her to the ER vet hospital where it was determined that she had a brain tumor and made the very heart wrenching decision to put her to sleep as she was suffering a great deal at this point.

The initial diagnosis had been either senior seizures which can be controlled with phenobarbital or a brain tumor. In the last week of her life she had incontinence issues as well.

She was a rescue dog whom I had for 10 years and she was such a joy to all friends and family and will be missed every day.

Nov 25, 2010
Special Thanksgiving Blessing
by: Kathy

Champ my 12 year old boxer's right eye looked irritated last Sunday and appeared to have an eye infection and I started treating it with antibiotic eye drops.

He had a seizure Sunday night and we took him to the Emergency Clinic and he stayed the night for observation. The doctor on call suspected a brain tumor. His night went well and when I picked him up and took him to his vet the next morning, he confirmed that he has a brain tumor and started him on medication for his seizures.

The seizures have stopped at this time but he has not been able to walk since Tuesday morning and his condition has been critical. Last night he stood up and walked for the first time in three days!

My Thanksgiving blessing has been that he wagged his tail when I spoke to him today and he was able to stand while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I am thankful for every second that I have to spend with him. He is a wonderful pet and has been a big part of my life for 12 years.

Happy Thanksgiving Champ. Mommy loves you!

Nov 22, 2010
I lost my doggie Baron to brain tumor
by: macadonia

I had to say goodbye to my precious doggie Baron.

I am mad as hell. Last year, as I was walking him he lost his balance. Few days later it happened again. I took him to the vet and he said that he doesn't have traction in his back legs. What a crock of bull!!!

Around Thanksgiving he walked into an open cabinet door. At times he kept his head tilted and kept scratching his ear. I checked his gums and he had a small growth which the doctor removed. He would walk into objects and doctor said that it was inflammation of middle ear and prescribed medication. When we took him for follow up another doctor in the same office said that the head tilt is old dog's disease. At times Baron would make a squeaky sound as if in pain and vet response was that it may probably be arthritis in his back leg.

Through all this time my doggie was grossly diagnosed, and only after we had to carry him into an emergency that somebody mentioned a possible brain tumor. I don't know where those doctors got their degrees from, but I am certain of one thing - I will never again take my pet to their facilities.

It is unfortunate that I can't sue them with gross negligence because law refers to dogs as personal property. I will dedicate my life to change that stupid law. Some years ago slaves were considered personal property. This country is so advanced in so many areas, but so backwards when it comes to God's creatures like dogs and cats!

Sep 27, 2010
Bianca my wonderful doggie
by: Sharon

My Hungarian Kuvasz Bianca is now 6 and was diagnosed with canine seizure disorder at age 2.

When I got her as a pup, she was the smallest in the litter and clamored for my attention. I picked her because I "knew" she needed me. I am a Registered Nurse and she probably "knew" that I would take care of her if she ever got sick.

She has been on medications for 4 years but now she has had two episodes of unexplained yelping and looking like she was out of it, I feel that it is more than just seizure disorder as she has had her meds increased.

I totally understand where you all are coming from. We took her on vacation up north and she enjoyed swimming and spending one on one time with us back in August and I said to my husband back then that this may be the first and last time she will ever go away with us. Intuition is a powerful thing...

Sep 18, 2010
Savanna from Buddy
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your family and Savannah. Enjoy each day that you have left.

Our Buddy had three more seizures within 24hrs and I had to take him and have him sent to heaven on Sept 11.

My heart broke at watching him in such distress and I didn't want to see him go through it again. I met the vet at her office and held my boy while she anesthetized him and he never woke up. He was finally at peace.

I am a mess and miss him so badly that I called his breeder and have a 4-week-old male wheaton puppy coming home at Thanksgiving.

God Bless you and your family...the puppy sons in our family give us such joy and unconditional love. So don't wait too long to get another one to love.


Debra Denike

Sep 09, 2010
My poor Savanna
by: Anonymous

Im am so sorry! Our 11 year old lab had her first seizure 3 days ago. I too thought she was having a bad dream. It lasted a couple minutes. She had foam in her mouth, went to the bathroom and was pacing non-stop. She finally settled down and went to sleep.

I had hoped the seizure was becuse of her old age and she wouldn't have another one for a while. The next day she had another one and never came back to being herself. We had her blood tested yesterday and are waiting to hear back today, but we are pretty sure it's a brain tumor.

Savanna had another one this morning and is just looking lost. Our hearts are broken. The vet said we could give her steroids which would hopefully get her back to herself for a few more months so we can give her tons and tons of extra love.

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