Lymph Cancer in Boxer

Lymph Cancer in Boxer

by Sue
(Cheshire, England)

My 9 year old boxer has just been diagnosed with lymph cancer which is also in his spleen.

Three weeks ago he had a rumbling in his tummy. The vet did tests and said he had colitis but they did not know what the fluid was but may be cancer although the scan showed no cancer on his major organs.

Last week he coughed like something was stuck in his throat. I rubbed his throat and felt what I thought was swollen gland. After further tests we were informed it was lymph cancer which had spread to his spleen.

We had 2 choices - take him home on medication and he would live for 3-6 weeks or chemotherapy which could buy him a year or more. My dog is still eating, drinking, walking and playing so I had to try.

He had his first session of chemotherapy last Thursday which seems to have gone well. He has had no side affects so far although I know it's early. Having said that he was sick twice last night but I think it was because I stupidly over fed him as he's great again today.

It's changed my life dramatically. I'm so angry but also so determined that I'm not letting him go without a fight.

I have taken him off dry dog food as it was getting stuck in his throat. I am feeding him steak, chicken, salmon, tuna and green veg. I have just ordered him k9 immune and fish oil. He thinks he's lord of the manor.

I love my little mate more than words can say and I feel so sad about what I know I will have to face although he's had a great day today - we've been out walking and he's been the pub. I'm now watching him sleep on the sofa. I can't even think of the day he won't be here.

My love and thoughts are with all the mums and dads that are going through this with their babies. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

(Submitted Sunday, April 14, 2013)

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Jun 18, 2013
Just checking on you
by: Anonymous

Hi Sue,

How is Latchford doing? I hope that he's still feeling well. I was just thinking about him and you and hoping that he's still feeling well.


Apr 17, 2013
Good on you
by: Elaine England

Hi Sue,

Firstly I am so sorry to read your pet has cancer, but respect to you for giving him a chance. My Spike is five months since he was operated on for a thyroid tumour, and when I told some people when he was first diagnosed they said I would not treat him - some of these were friends not dog people. I am glad I did as he is still here five months on although he has developed spinal and heart issues not related to previous health issue.

I do hope that you get more time with your beloved baby. Hugs and love.

Elaine and the greyhounds

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