Jake-E Boy has Gone

Jake-E Boy has Gone

by Scott L
(Andover, Kansas)

My Brave Jake-E Boy

My Brave Jake-E Boy

We had just lost Daisy Girl as she surprised us with rear leg tumors that wound up being Bone Cancer which had metastasized (Her story is posted already under My two dogs and Osteosarcoma).

We were down to only Jake and held hopes of him living a long 15 or 16 years old. More than the 10½ years he has had.

Just last month, the wife and I noted that Jake had a slight dip in his gait as he trotted around the yard and that he had developed a small hard bump on his front right foreleg. X-rays indicated it MIGHT be an osteosarcoma developing. We took Jake up to KSU in Manhattan KS on Wednesday (10/12/11) to have a bone biopsy performed. Fully expecting that he may have to lose that leg if was cancer.

At KSU the Oncologist took x-rays (to compare with the ones from 2 weeks prior), took a chest x-ray and also did an ultrasound of his body cavity and took blood for a work up. The ultrasound and the chest x-ray did NOT turn up any hidden primary tumors that the bone tumor could be spreading FROM. The blood work did not indicate anything remarkable which also indicated that it wasn't a simple bone infection. But the bad news was that the new x-rays showed that his leg "bump" was now more defined and slightly larger. We actually elected to NOT do the biopsy as it was costing us time that cancer is only too happy to use against us. A bone biopsy carries a risk of breaking the leg bone and if it is a cancer, then it would never heal. Next step is still amputation.

We decided to switch from diagnostic mode to treatment mode. We wanted to give Jake more time and a longer life and scheduled him for surgery to have his right front leg removed. The day before Jakes surgery, he was bouncy, peppy and happy. It was difficult to watch his playful behavior knowing that the very next morning his "cancer" leg was going to come off. He was ignorant to his plight, but my wife and I were not. On October 21, 2011, we took him in to our local Vet Hospital to have what we thought was best for us all.

When we called to check on Jake following his surgery, which had gone as expected - we were shocked by the news that just a few hours afterward, he had crashed and they couldn't revive him. He had died under the influence of the pain relievers. In our haste to extend his life for us, we never even considered the notion that he may not survive through the recovery - but in fact he did not.

I'm posting this last up-date on Jake so that others, who may be facing a surgery/amputation option, may consider ALL possible outcomes. Consider the age and size of the dog and of his possibly passing suddenly. Say your good-byes prior to surgery, just in case. We wish we had said ours better.

We will never know how long Jake could have gone on if we had done nothing, but it would certainly have been longer than the decision that we made for him. Had he survived the surgery, we also don't know how much time we would have bought him as it was still probable that his cancer had micro-metastasized.

In hindsight, I wish we had been stronger and allowed nature to steer his illness. We would still have wound up in this empty place without him, but we would have put him down when the time presented his gate and done it with all our love and kisses without the pain of passing alone. By the time we got to the Vet to see him - he was gone.

God bless all of your pets - Love them to death.

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Nov 06, 2011
Bone Cancer
by: Ruth

I am so sorry to hear about your loss how devastating to get the news like that from your vet.

If I would have done what the vet's told me to do with my Cane Corso girl Jasmine, (amputation, chemo etc.) she would have no left front leg, and all her good cells damaged from the chemo. I don't even want to think about that. Sometimes the vet's are very fast in amputation and chemo.

I was in the same position. My vet even called me a couple of times to ask me what I decided on. Amputation or not she is going to die soon if I don't do it... giving me the guilt trip. The last time I talked to her I said and I was getting very angry because she didn't stop telling me to amputate her leg. I said I DECIDED AGAINST IT.

Do you think she called once after I told her I am not going to let her amputate Jasmines leg. Not one phone call to ask how she is doing is she still alive. Nothing... that tells me a lot... Is it really all about the money? People are desparate when they find out about the bad news my dog has cancer... of course you want only the best for you family member. Amputation and chemo doesn't cure the cancer it only prolongs their life.

Like I said I decided against the vet's suggestions and treated her with natural remedies and a cancer diet. Jasmine has no more signs of bone cancer. Is it a miracle? I don't know. I guess it wasn't her time to leave me yet. She never looked as good as she does now. No more bloat so many things have changed for her... health wise. She is very healthy and happy and that's what counts. I am fortunate to work from home like you do so she was with me 24/7 and we both fought for her life and killed the monster she had in her leg.

I wish everyone the best outcome and remember you are the one who decides what is going to happen with your baby.. Don't let anyone push you into something you really don't want to do. Listen and follow your heart whatever you decide on.

I wish you all the best and pray that more dogs have an outcome like my Jasmine did. It is possible to cure bone cancer. I know you only have a slight chance but it is worth a try. God bless you all in this difficult time.

Oct 31, 2011
Sorry for your loss.
by: Bart

Scott, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You have my deepest sympathy.

We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.

"We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan." Irving Townsend.

Oct 30, 2011
I feel for you...
by: Jane

I am sorry for your loss. I feel for you. Hope you will get over the pain and grief in time. You did what you thought was the right thing at the time, so don't beat yourself up. It was just so unfortunate that Jake didn't make it.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Oct 29, 2011
by: Marjorie

Rest in Peace Jake.

Oct 29, 2011
Our heart goes out to you...
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear about your loss. It is a pain that until you have been there - NO ONE can understand. When we lost our 'Gramps' my hubby & I were so distraught that a neighbor took us to the vet & the neighbors took turns checking in on us & making sure we were supplied with lots of tissues & that we were eating. I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life & until that day I'd NEVER seen my hubby shed tears like I was shedding. It takes everyone different amounts of time to truly grasp & accept the loss, but you will know when it is the right time to find another 4-footed little friend to share your love & life with.

We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Blessings & Hugs...

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