Emma's Lymphosarcoma

Emma's Lymphosarcoma

by Lyndsay
(Derbyshire, UK)

My Gorgeous Emma

My Gorgeous Emma

Emma is my heart dog, my dog of a lifetime!! I have 5 other dog's (all are Border Collies) but Emma is super special, coming into my life after losing another Border Collie pup to Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome.

Emma arrived as a 10 week old bundle of fluff & the immediate bond between us was something so special right from the beginning. Emma sailed through her puppy classes, was in competitive obedience training by 5 month's & out doing many dogs much older than herself. When old enough we began agility training, again she was an absolute star!! We also became involved in showing & it's thanks to Emma & her breeders that I'm where I am now some 8 years on.

Emma had a first gorgeous litter of puppies at 2 1/2yrs, just the 2, Abbie & Floss, Abbie is still here with me & Floss lives a great life with a friend. Just 36 hrs after Abbie & Floss were born, 2 became 7 when Emma became a surrogate Mum to 5 orphaned Border Collie puppies, their Mum had died after a c-section. There wasn't a dry eye in the house watching Emma take those puppies into the nest as if they were her own!!

Skip a few great year's (I could write another chapter!), Emma had just turned 6 when she finally had her second litter. 4 gorgeous puppies. I had planned to keep one but male pressure made me give in & not keep, luckily one went to another friend & like him I see all but 1 regularly, however, never again will I listen to anyone regarding my dogs & puppies, least of all a man!!).

It was as this litter were leaving home at 8 weeks that Emma first became ill, she had sickness & diarrhoea with a high temperature. I took her straight to the Vet who prescribed antibiotics & said it was just a virus. The antibiotics seemed to work but then just a couple of days after finishing the course her symptoms started again. This time I saw my regular Vet who thought she was just missing her puppies with being such a maternal bitch, I wasn't convinced so another course of antibiotics began.

Again a couple of days after finishing the antibiotics the symptoms returned but with a much higher temperature. This time I insisted on an ultrasound scan as I was concerned about Pyometra. The scan was inconclusive so an x-ray was also done. The Vet could see nothing so a 3rd course of antibiotics was prescribed.

Once more the symptoms returned after finishing the antibiotics but again a bit worse. This time on exam the Vet felt a mass in her stomach area. Although I knew something was wrong this floored me. Emma was booked in for surgery first thing the next morning without a thought. It should have been the regular Vet's day off but he came in especially.

The next morning we arrived early. I asked the Vet how long the surgery was expected to take as I planned to remain in the village until I knew she was safe in recovery. The surgery took 2 1/2hrs in the end, I was out of my mind with worry, even going to visit my grandparent's grave at the church behind, asking that Emma was looked after.

I finally saw the Vet who showed me the tumour (I wanted to see it), it was so ugly & slightly bigger than a newborn puppy. The Vet said he had removed the tumour from Emma's small intestine & to be safe he'd also taken a 2" margin around as well as some lymph nodes/glands & was going to send some of them to pathology. I knew in my heart that this was bad but I had to put my energies into making sure Emma recovered enough to come home 2 days later & that she continued with her recovery.

A week later I was out walking some of the other dogs when the call came via my mobile phone. The Vet told me that the pathology results were Lymphosarcoma. I remember falling to the ground in tears, it was as if I'd been hit in the solar plexus. Why my Emma? Emma had never done any wrong, from being the perfect puppy to all of her other great achievements. It just wasn't fair. The Vet told me that he didn't recommend chemo & that although he'd taken a good margin, the prognosis was approx 3 months. I was devastated. I couldn't get back home quickly enough to scoop Emma in my arms for a tearful cuddle.

The following day I woke with new energy & that was to try to beat this horrible disease. I spent the next few days surfing the internet reading good & bad stories as well as a mine of information.

One of the things I came across was the cancer starving diet. As a natural feeder I was determined that that was the route to go down. I read up on both the cooked & raw version on various websites including B-Naturals & decided to stick with the raw.

That was the 21 Novemeber 2007.

Emma is still with me!! I take her for a check every 6 months & in between times if I get worried. The Vet is amazed & she's his favourite patient :o)

However I'm worried at the moment & that worry is that the cancer is back but spread to her skin & lungs. The reason I'm concerned about her skin is that approx 6 weeks ago Emma developed what looked like a burn on the side if her rib cage. The skin was discoloured with what appeared to be blisters within the patch & all the hair had fallen out. There was also a tiny tiny bit to the side of one of her nostrils. Off we went to the Vet, my regular Vet was away so we saw someone different. This Vet couldn't explain what the patch was & said that although yes the cancer could appear in her skin, she didn't think it was & said that she'd seen lots of strange bites & stings this summer. I said I was also concerned about her lungs as she now coughs on exercise, not all the time but most of the time. The Vet had a listen & said all sounded clear. Away we came with a course of antibiotics & instruction to bathe it with Colloidal Silver whilst on the antibiotics & then switch to Dermacton cream (we could still use both if we desired). The antibiotics seemed to help by taking the inflammation down but still leaving dry blisters.

I took Emma for another check up with my regular Vet 2 weeks ago & he felt all was ok. I'm now at disagreement again as not only have the blisters started to spread along her rib cage but other places too including the side of her right leg which also has developed a hard, almost bone like lump to the side.

I plan to take Emma back to the Vet's after the weekend. Tomorrow I will bathe her with the Dermacton shampoo bar & double check for any other sites. I'm still applying the Dermacton cream.

If anyone out there has had a dog with anything similar then please get in touch. I'm hoping that I'm just worrying needlessly but my instinct tells me otherwise (as it did at the beginning of all this).

When Emma celebrated her 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago, my one wish was that we have several more years together.

I have just kept a grand-daughter of Emma's from my recent litter, personality wise she is just like Emma. At only 8 weeks she is more or less house trained & already knows some of her basic commands. A very clever & special puppy!! As positive as this is, I can't shake the feeling of dread I have in the pit of my stomach, I so wish I could.

I do hope Emma's story inspires some in the same position but will equally be grateful to hear from anyone else.

Thank you for reading :o)

Lyndsay & Emma xXx

Personal Web: http://www.borderpride.com ~ for more photos of Emma plus my other dogs (I hope this will be allowed)

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Sep 25, 2015
Appointment booked to have my collie put down
by: Keith S

My 13 years old collie has been diagnosed with lymphoma, with a mass on his small intestine and swollen tonsils. They say removal of the mass on intestine won't help and neither will chemo. He has very bad bloody diarrhea due to the mass on his intestine, so they recommended putting him to sleep which we have scheduled in less than two days.

I'm devastated, but then I read this post and wonder if this might be an alternative? If you or anyone can help please contact me urgently at slingo63@yahoo.co.uk

Apr 15, 2015
Sad News
by: Lyndsay

It's with a shattered heart that I update Emma's page with the sad news that at 2.50pm on 31 Dec 2014 Emma very sadly passed away.

In late November Emma had a mild stroke & although she originally appeared to be bouncing back, approx. 3 weeks later tests revealed her kidneys & heart were starting to struggle. Emma was started on medication & appeared to be doing well but then her water intake started increasing & she started to get increasingly tired.

At Christmas I knew it was going to be our last as Emma started struggling to walk. On the 30 Dec Emma refused all food offered. After a restless night on the floor I phoned & spoke to my wonderful Vet. A further check up confirmed what I'd already guessed which was that Emma had no more fight left & her organs were shutting down. The difficult decision was made & Emma went over the rainbow bridge.

I'm so very honoured to have shared 13 1/2 years with my beautiful Emma, especially the last 7 years!! Everyone who ever met Emma fell in love with her. We achieved so much together, obedience, agility, sheep herding, showing (with wins at Crufts!!), the true "brains & beauty".

RIP my darling, until we meet again.

Sep 25, 2013
Your diet for Emma
by: Linda Mooring

Just found out my rescue dog "Lucas" has lymph node cancer. His blood work is slightly elevated.
He has been through so much in his life. He is about 6 or 7 yrs. Was rescued from a hording home. Also think he might have been in a puppy mill, as he didn't like grass at first. High steps with his back feet. Doesn't play ball or with toys. Have had my Lucas 2 1/2 yrs now. He is very loving and very devoted to me. I would appreciate a copy of your diet you made for Emma. As I would like to give him every chance for a healthy life ahead.

You can reach me at : momminus2@msn.com. Lucas & I appreciate it. Thank you.

Mar 28, 2013
by: Ashley Pipal

That is a fantastic story!

Could you please email me your diet? My 3 year old beagle has recently come out of a 10 month remission. I want to give her the best chance.


Jan 06, 2013
Emma special diet
by: Joan bernes

My Teri has been in remission with T-cell lymphoma for over 16 months.

Could you please email me the diet you have Emma on so it could help extend the life of my fantastic long coat Chihuahua Teri?

Thank you. My email address is

Aug 20, 2012
Emma's Lymphosarcoma
by: Lyndsay

I just thought I'd add a comment of my own to update the page. It's now August 2012, almost 5 yrs since Emma's Lymphosarcoma diagnosis & when she was given just 3 month's.

Well my beautiful Emma has just celebrated her 11th birthday!!

2010 was a scary year where it seemed like we lived at the vets with several surgeries in particular in her sinuses, after several months' of tests finally revealed Aspergilliosis was the cause of her upper respiratory problems but thankfully Emma still had & has a lot of fight in her & again battled the odds.

I'm so very happy & very lucky that Emma is doing & looking so very well now :o) Emma, along with my other dog's remain on a natural diet.

Lyndsay (UK) xXx

Aug 13, 2012
My Ace
by: Carol

My Ace was just diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma. We noticed his lymph nodes swollen about 3 weeks ago. He is the sweetest dog and I don't want to lose him. Can you send me the diet you gave your Emma so I can try to save my Ace? My heart is breaking.


Dec 03, 2009
by: for Wilson

My adopted Golden who after undergoing such a tough life with 2 heartworm treatments, eye, ear and tooth infections, cataracts and deafness has come such a long way in the past year. He is gorgeous, kind, beautiful and strong now. But just last week his glands were hard and swollen. He was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. I know with energy work and the right diet he can overcome this too. Would you let me know the diet you put Emma on. I also read a lot about colloidal silver. Did you use that for Emma too? I am grateful for any advise you would give to help my Wilson. thank you

Oct 02, 2009
Your story made me smile
by: Patrick S

Dear Lyndsay & Emma (and the rest),

Your story gave me joy to hear of your success.
I just found out about my babygirl's cancer and I needed to be pulled back from the edge of despair.

Thank you for sharing and smooch your gang more.

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