Dog Brydie is Fighting Bone Cancer

Dog Brydie is Fighting Bone Cancer

by Sophie
(Auckland, New Zealand)

My Dog Brydie, Staffy x Whippet, at the age of 11 years has been diagnosed with Bone Cancer in her shoulder. She had been unable to use her leg at all for 2 months and I was told she would be lucky to see out the end of the month.

Not happy to just accept things, I've completely changed her diet and decided to fight this with everything I possibly could. She gets AveUltra, K9 immune Support, plenty of Turmeric, Garlic, Ginger, Apricot Kernels all in her meals 2x a day. I've also discovered a natural product called Stemtech which has made a huge difference.

After a month of this, Brydie is a new dog - she is full of life and has complete use of her leg again and I believe she is not only making a full recovery, but she is a much healthier and happy dog full of energy.

The best advice I can give to anyone is to not give up no matter how bad things seem. The big C isn't taking my girl away from me!

(Submitted Friday, May 10, 2013)

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Aug 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am sorry but l really need to ask you, did your treatment worked for your dog?

Can you tell me more about the situation? I have a small old lady with tumor as well and I really need to know what is good or not. Thank you so much.

Nov 20, 2017
On the same path
by: Michael


Thanks for your post about the holistic option.

I have a 10 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees. This past Wednesday night I loaded her in the car for a trip to the dog park. She was resilient to get into the car, which is actually normal, but seemed to put up more of a fight. I thought nothing of it and loaded her up. On the drive it sounded like she was having difficulty getting comfortable. When we arrived and I let her out, she had a very bad limp. I noticed a large bulge on her right front leg. I thought she must have sprained or broken her leg.

I walked her outside the dog park for a while to see how she did. She was limping badly and very hesitant. We didn't go very far, but when we got back she was pulling me to go into the dog park. I let her in and she went around and made friends with all the people and then tried to play with a couple of dogs. One of the dogs was pretty rough and knocked her to the ground. I decided we had better go.

On Thursday she was doing worse. I was still in the mind frame that this was a sprain or break. I put ice on the lump for a while and decided I would give her another day.

Friday she had gotten worse. I took her to the vet. They took X-Rays and said while there was a small fracture, it looked like Osteosarcoma was blowing out the bone. He referred me to another vet who was an Oncologist. But warned me that they would probably want to amputate and then she may not live another 4-6 months.

She has been having a lot of trouble with her rear legs the last couple of years. Nothing the vet could diagnose, but loss of muscle and pain when getting up and down. She used to jump up on her hind legs to greet new people, but can't do that now.

So, I thought to myself, if they are going to amputate her front leg, how is she going to be mobile? Her back legs aren't up to it.

I started reading like crazy about holistic options. Many say to not let them amputate, chemo or radiation, and your dog will have a few more years instead of months.

I already started by throwing out all the manufactured dog foods and cooking as healthy as I can for her and adding vitamins.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a vet in the area that makes holistic recommendations. I'm hoping she will tell me there is hope to save the limb and get rid of the cancer.

May 11, 2013
Keep up the fight
by: Pennys Mom

If you can find a good Holistic Vet, do so. My 11 year old Penny is going on 1 year from diagnosis of lung cancer in later stage. I was told to go home and make her comfortable and put her down. I did a lot of research on her cancer, started giving her things I had learned about, such as AveUltra, Immpower, various mushroom products,(shiitake, Ganoderma, Cordyceps) and a very good quality Omega-3 fish oil. The vet that I finally found was helpful in adding things specific to her cancer, since it was also affecting her lymph glands and her liver. I changed all her food, made homemade and chose very carefully from what I could find at a good pet supply store.

I don't think my dog is free of the cancer, but she is still playful, happy, has a beautiful coat of hair and has gained her weight back. Every day is a blessing. This is just a story to let you know that there is always hope. Every cancer is different, so research and keep fighting.

May 11, 2013
by: Sue

I'm so pleased for you. My 9 year old boxer has been diagnosed with lymph cancer. He started chemotherapy but it hasn't worked and I've just been told he has about 4 months to live. I'm not having that because in himself he is really well, eating, sleeping, playing.

I have started to feed him fresh meat and veg and I have just started him on k9 immunity.

I'm going to purchase the items you have listed and give it a go - I have nothing to lose.

Good luck to you both and keep fighting!

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