Christmas and the Loss of Your Dog

Christmas and the Loss of Your Dog

by William McAvoy
(Overland Park, Kansas)

Willy, my 2-year-old dog

Willy, my 2-year-old dog

This is to everyone:

It is so hard when you lose a dog around the holidays. It is normal to grieve and not want to celebrate the holidays.

My suggestion is: do not be alone. Get together with friends and family so you can laugh and cry together.

Everyone is different when dealing with the death of their dog. I must say that to almost all of us, THEY ARE OUR FAMILY/KIDS! You as an individual will decide when it is time to get another family member.

As for me, I went to a shelter two days after losing my Pappy dog and just happened to find a great friend waiting for me! I returned 2 days later and adopted him. I named him Willy and he helped me so much to get through my difficult time around the holiday season! I can only hope he lives a long healthy life and avoids this very bad cancer disease in his lifetime!

I am so thankful for this site and forum. I follow it all the time! Do what is right for you after your dog loss - But do not be alone! I know how bad it is after your loss. It is like a living nightmare! Time will heal and that is the only thing you can count on!

Take care and love your dog every second you can, their lives are way too short! They should live as long as us humans!

One last thing to remember when your dog moves on is that: You did not just take care of him/her. They took care of you in the biggest way! And there will be another to do the same and you will love him/her just the same!

Happy holidays from Billy n Willy dog!
(Submitted Monday Dec. 10, 2012)

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Jan 01, 2016
My best friend
by: Linda

I lost my best friend one week before Christmas, he died in my arms from cancer. This has been the worst Christmas I have ever had. I can't control the tears & I often feel sick to my stomach. Snickers was 11 yrs.old. The cancer took him fast & he was so brave. Wish I had him back to lick away my tears. Will I ever stop crying !!!

Dec 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi, it's been six days since we had to euthanize our beautiful golden retriever Gracie....heartbroken. First time doing this...cancer metastasized to her lungs. We didn't even know she had cancer!!

A large tumor was removed on August 28 2015, pathology results came back benign, and three months later she's gone!! I'm pissed off, hurt, angry and whatever other emotion there is, but mostly my heart is broken......only 9 years old.

She was a Therapy dog and was loved by all who met her. This Christmas is going to be extremely difficult, and we will have to rely on our awesome memories of her to get by.

Dec 11, 2012
Pet Loss Support
by: Elizabeth

Hi Billy,

Thanks for this post. I'm actually looking forward to getting together with friends and family during Christmas. It does help ease the pain. It is being in my own home that hurts the most. I've done some research on loss around Christmas, and the general advice is that you shouldn't feel obligated to do something if you lack the emotional energy for it. In other words, it's not "unhealthy" if we decide not to do all of the decorations. And it's also not unhealthy to place all of my gifts in gift bags instead of wrapping them. :)

With regards to getting a new pet, I definitely need to wait a little while for that, if not for me, then for my cat. My cat is not fond of strange animals. I think it would be too shocking for him (and possibly cause behavioral problems) for his doggy to disappear, and for a new, strange, scary doggy to rapidly take his place.

I have found the APLB (Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement) chat room to be very helpful. I noticed that over the weekend, while my yearning and sorrow were softening, my guilt was ballooning. I visited the APLB chat room last night and they really helped me with that. The moderators are trained "Pet Loss Counselors." The founder of the APLB, a psychologist, developed the training program, and the counselors who host the chat rooms are volunteers.

Dec 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Willy

Just wanted to say I agree with all you wrote. It will be a year in 17 days since I lost my darling dog. It was very hard. But he sure enriched my life and vice versa. Thanks.

Dec 11, 2012
Dog forum sites
by: Billy McAvoy and Willy dog

I did not stress enough that these forums are a major part of dealing with the grief of a dearly lost dog or pet.

After I lost Booker my first dog as an adult I found a site titled "my misty rose" that an older lady started. We became mutual friends in 2007. Search Google or what have you this site and scroll down to angels in heaven and click on it. There will be many stars with many dogs name on that page. My dog is Booker - Just click on the twinkling star and it will bring up his tribute! Also check out the many other tributes! She did a wonderful job on this. A couple years ago she stopped putting other tributes on there I believe due to health reasons.

These are the kinds of things that will help people on the loss of their dog or pet! There are several that I like to check out from time to time even after the grieving process has subsided!

This site is a favorite of mine and I highly suggest it to others! It is so well structured!!!

Billy n Willy dog. Happy holidays to all!

Dec 10, 2012
Happy Holidays
by: Hazel, Site Editor

Hi, Billy,

Thank you so much for this post. I totally agree with you that we shouldn't deal with pet loss alone - we should seek help and support from friends, families, and other dog parents (like on this Forum).

Losing a dog is no doubt heart-wrenching and is particularly tough around holidays like Christmas. I hope that dog parents who are going through this tough situation will stay strong and have faith that you will find the strength to love another dog again in the future.

I am so happy for you, Billy, that you've found Willy, who is absolutely beautiful and adorable. You two looked so cozy together :)

I also hope that Willy (and all of our dogs!) will live long and healthy.

Happy holidays to you and Willy!

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