Buddy and Yunnan Baiyao

Buddy and Yunnan Baiyao

by Cindy Maxion
(Fair Oaks, CA )

Buddy has been our beloved pet since March 7, 2014. When we rescued Buddy, he weighed sixty pounds and was near starvation. Now, he is eight and half years old and my sister and I love him dearly.

On November 2, 2021 Buddy was seen in the Orthopedic department at UC Davis Veterinarian Teaching Hospital in Davis, CA. He had a torn ligament (TCL) in his hind leg. During a routine physical examination, the orthopedic veterinarians found a small tumor in his anal gland which turned out to be cancerous.

We were sent to the Oncology department at UC Davis on Dec. 1, 2021. Unfortunately, Buddy was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma Cancer. He had grown a tumor on his spleen and they wanted to do surgery right away. His chest x-ray showed that his lungs were unable to stand surgery and with this they wanted to put Buddy down that day. We insisted on taking him home to die and we were told it best to put him down the following day, Dec.4, 2021.

Reluctant to put Buddy down right away, we ended up calling the veterinarian on Dec. 6 to come over the following day.

On the evening of Dec. 6, 2021 during a last hope effort, we administered Yunnan Baiyao. We administered three capsules of Yunnan Baiyao to Buddy at 8:00 pm and seventy minutes later Buddy walked into the living room wanting food and water. His first food in three days.

We were stunned, shocked and couldn’t believe our eyes. A miracle we shouted. The next day we canceled his appointment to die. Buddy did a turn-around. He wants to live. He eats, drinks, plays with his stuffier and takes his medicines like a good boy. He is the best doggie anyone could ask for. We cried for joy.

It is now December 26, 2921. We take one day at a time.

Cindy Maxion & Mary Maxion

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