Fighting for Baxter

Fighting for Baxter

by Monica
(Raymore, MO)

Baxter loving life!

Baxter loving life!

My best buddy Baxter was diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma Memorial weekend, 2010.

I took him to have his teeth cleaned (thank goodness!) and no sooner did I get to work after dropping him off that my vet called and said they found a lesion in Bax's mouth and he wanted permission to biopsy it and send it off. I said of course! Well, it came back melanoma and Dr. Morse said it was very aggressive. Working in a surgeons office, I know all about malignant melanoma. My heart just sank. I asked him what our options were and he told me about the chemo and radiation but said if Baxter were his dog, he wouldn't do either as it won't cure him, will only prolong his life and it wouldn't be a quality life anyway. I then mustered up enough courage to ask what we were talking about as far as time. He said possibly four months. I died.

I got on the internet and read everything I could about this horrible disease. I changed his diet to all RAW, I read about what natural supplements to buy, read about the Budwig diet. I did it all.
It has been 2 years and 3 months since that dreadful day.

He has had to have other lesions that have grown back in his mouth removed twice.

He has done great but he has slowed down and sleeps a lot more. Then I noticed it.

A large lump in his neck, under his jaw. I thought it was another tumor. I know that Baxter will never be cancer free but I guess I wasn't expecting to hear what Dr. Morse told me.

The cancer had now spread to Baxter's lymph node in his neck. So far, that is the only one, but I know it won't be long until it spreads to other nodes.

Dr. Morse always calls Baxter the "miracle dog" when we come to see him. Only a miracle can help us now.

I am still doing everything that I did for Bax and even added another immune strengthener maybe to give us more time.

I hate this disease and all cancers.

I don't know what I will do when the time comes to send him to the Bridge. I love him so much.

(Submitted Thursday, August 15, 2013)

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