Every Day is a Gift

Every Day is a Gift

by Charlotte

Mel and I

Mel and I

Mel and I
Beautiful Mel

I posted here last February that my beautiful soul mate Mel had been diagnosed with terminal hepatocellular cancer (diffuse).

It felt good to just share my grief, shock and pain with others who were experiencing the same thing or had been through it already.

Since that time, Mel's health has had lots of peaks and valleys, but she is still here and still enjoying life. Mel made it to her 7th birthday and we celebrate every day. She has taught us how to do that during this past awful year of waiting and watching, of scans and blood work, of coaxing her to eat, of so many meds. She has taught me so much in the 7 years we have spent together ... since she was plucked from a busy road in Houston.

A certified therapy dog, Mel has aced every obedience, agility, and other class we took. She gazes into my eyes and I know... I just KNOW what she is thinking.

She is my heart.

She is winding down now, but we don't cry, we don't let the sadness overcome - we just take every day as it comes and enjoy our every moment together. I am her main person, but she has a huge loving family who keeps updated on her condition. To know her is to love her - everybody says that.

So, my advice to any of you dealing with this awful diagnosis is to soldier on. Learn a valuable lesson from the truest friend you will ever have; enjoy each day together for as long as you can. Mel knows she is sick, she knows she is growing weaker, but by golly she still loves life and so do I.

I will never recover from losing her when the time comes, but I will take comfort in knowing that we have spent these last weeks living our lives together and taking joy in the moment. God bless all dogs everywhere.

(Submitted Wednesday, September 11, 2013)

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